Friday, October 16, 2009


It seems like ever since Jonah came down with Cerebellitis life had turned into a face paced crazy tailspin and it hasn't slowed down. There have been so many changes, additions, beginnings......I can't seem to slow down or catch up....which ever would bring me to the present would be nice. I suppose life is that way perpetually. Dynamic and exciting even when you yearn for boring.....or at least a quite hour to lose yourself in a book. And though I wouldn't change things, I do feel like my life needed some major reorganizing lately. So that's what we've been up to.

I got a little tired searching for my homeschool supplies and book in four different places. It was a little stressful and frustrating at times. So Saturday we cleaned out all the kids toys (tossing and donating) in their rooms as well as the downstairs closet. Under the stairs is officially a toy-free homeschool haven. I go and sit under there just to have a peaceful place to go! It's wonderful. All curriculum, books, educational manipulatives, puzzles, games, craft supplies......EVERYTHING is now neatly stored, easily axcessable, and easy to find!!!!

I also bought a laminator, alright truth be told I bought 2...a cold one on a roll and a heat one that uses sheets...and YES I needed both! I make so many games and things for the kids it's nice to be able to preserve them and reuse them over and over without them getting ruined! SO I've had a little fun with that for a few days!

Part of my organizing is adding a workbox system to our homeschooling. I used to prep everything and lay everything out on the table and just shuffle through it. Not the greatest system! I was purusing a blog called Homeschool Creations and found this article on Workboxes, and even without reading the book on how to do it and why it works......I was sold. I made my own little system and can't wait to use it tomorrow! My baskets are already filled with goodies!!!

Numbered baskets filled with different activities for the kids

Basket those sticky velcro dots! I've seen other Moms make this into a workbooks system using folders instead. I love the baskets though because we do so many hands on activities, games, crafts etc. Jonahs curriculum has thick workbooks and teacher's manuals that we work with and they all fit right in there! Science experiments, art....whatever!

This is Jonah's schedule so he can see what we are working on that day, what's to come, and how much we have until we are finished with our day!

Under each tag is a number, directing the child to where they can find the work!

For Bible Jonah will find a devotional book, a Bible lesson and a craft!

A bunch on workbox tags for every thing you can think of! Laminated of course!!!! You can download ones from the blog linked above or make your own! I did both!

I haven't actually used the workboxes though I've filled them with the kids work for tomorrow! I whole heartedly believe this will make our day so much easier and smoother! Can't wait to update you on how it goes!

Well it's almost nine and the kids are still up runing around....I'm going to try and update my blog more often. I've missed blogging! I've missed having an online journal and scrapbook of what we are doing and learning and living! My little Gracia is growing up fast and not being photographed nearly enough! We've got some catching up to do folks!

Welcome back!

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