Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Formula

Not talking about Baby formula, not even talking some fancy 1st grade level math. Just talking about parenting.

It's a hard, rocky, difficult road at times. Sometimes it's Ataxia and Hydrocephalus, somedays it's plain ole disobedience. Either way there is no formula for how to get through those tough times except of course if you are talking about the only formula proven to work.....

God + Prayer = Life

I busy myself by reading parenting books and education books, help me here and now books. But when it comes down to it, there is only one books that needs to be sought out, undusted and ready day after day, moment after moment. God's word. It may seem like an unlikely manual at times. But for every behavior and trial there God promises in His word comfort, peace, strength......

He is waiting for me to go to Him and too often I am gazing in another direction. Hoping to see some bright shinning light flashing and glittering.

Every time, HE is the answer, HE is the formula and coming to Him is the only way to live. And love. There is no fancy quick fix solution to every problem we encounter, but HE is there, the answer I so often avoid.

I always get caught in the trap thinking there is something within me that can be different, do different, feel different, behave different....and then it hits me that the difference is Him. I am powerless without Him and it is only He in me that works. I have to open my hands and heart and truly let go, fall on my knees and sink into Him, for true change.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

We had a great Valentine's day! We invited Great Noni for a special Spaghetti dinner (what's more romantic right?) and chocolate fondue! The more children we've added, the more love we have. Yesterday we celebrated our Love.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Join the Hoop-La

If you are a homeschooler or thinking about becoming one, OR a parent that loves doing things with your kids outside of their school......come on over and join the Hoop-La!

Homeschool Hoop-La

Tiny Tornado

That's the name given to Gracia by our Floridian counter parts over Christmas. And that she is.

Barely into her halfway past 2 years, she is a spitfire, a firecracker and a huge big swirling dervish of love, all in her petite little body. Her big beautiful brown eyes framed by her long eyelashes, and frinkles that dot her nose will get you every time. Especially when she cocks her head to one side an grins that huge grin at you. Telling you she's might just agree and not even know what you are saying, mesmerized by her.

Her vocabulary and story telling skills are pretty amazing for her age, I admit. But it's her desire to truly be older than she is that is more adorable. These days you might hear her say things like,

"I am just so so so sorry!"

"I need that _______ really bad."

This morning when we were telling her to share a ball with her brother she exclaimed, "But I'm a mean girl, I don't share!" Oh wow.

Her toddler pronunciation of "L" is adorable as well, she's yittle you know. She'll say those "L's" one day soon enough.

Every day now she is a princess. No I take that back, everyday she is 20 princesses, and yes you can imagine what the dress up bin looks like. It's empty, the floor around it threw up sparkly dresses though. She spins and dances and twirls just like one when the music is on, clipty clapping in those plastic princess shoes.

She calls the Movie "Prince Casian" Green Balafalin
Umbrellas are Cabellas
and she named her bathtub duck....Canuna

She's also very sensitive to being scolded, especially by her Father, it's easy to give into her, unfortunatly....

Liora loves her. I've always seen a special connection between Jonah and Ellie (though they don't exclude Gracia) there is also a special connection between Liora and Gracia, it's so sweet. Siblings....

Friday, February 4, 2011

Boisterous, jovial and excited......

So as it turns out I am a bit crazy. I've decided to start another blog dedicated to homeschool and educational ideas. You don't have to be a homeschooler to do really fun and cool things with your kids! But if you want to come over and see what all the Hoopla is about, join me at

I've got some interviews and reviews lined up, and actually tons of new posts that I've been wanting to share here. So spread the word, come on over and follow me there (and here) if you want!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time Stamped

Time has been a thief around here lately.

One second I have a little babe not able to sit or be or do on her own, I turn my head and now she's gone, from one end of this long winding house to the other. She's exploring everything. Without the need for toys, she's on a mission to just....see, and be. Leaving babydom behind, crawling quickly out of her infant stage to the next exciting venture. Finding anything just above her to reach for and pull her chubby little legs into standing positions, she reaches for the next nearest, braving herself to let go and.......sit again when balance is interrupted.

It's heart wrenching and endearing. Sad and exciting. And just as precious with four as it was with one. If I wasn't an attached parent I'd have no choice, this babe is attached to me. And though sometimes I'd like a little bit of a break, it's flattering to know no one else will do, as I do.

I can't help but let my mind wander into thinking about her possibly being our last. Some moments there are too many little bodies for me to care for, others not enough. Would I be content with the blessing of just four? Yes.....right now we are content, but I can't hold on to these moments and time forever. Time is stealing them from me with every methodical tick.

Her slapping palms on the wood floor ring out to me, she stops and smiles, the little dimple on one side, and keeps on to her unknown destination.....slap....slap.......slap.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well....I'm still not too late for Chinese New Year resolutions am I?

Okay here is the deal.....I LOVE freezer cooking, the part where you pull the meal out of the freezer and throw it in the oven (though you might want to thaw it first)......however. Freezer cooking is a 4 day commitment! It is TOTALLY worth it, it really is. Ever since Liora was born, I just haven't been able to pull it together though. I've struggled thought the last 8 months cooking 6 nights a week, back in the old routine of planning one week at a time, and it's wearing on me. I'm bored, I'm probably spending more money than we have in the past (because of items I forget to buy at Costco and have to pay double running across the street for), and dinner is the most stressful part of my day.

Then somehow I fell upon this blog......5 dinners in 1 Hour

I tried her recipe for coconut Chicken (I happened to have cocount AND panko crumbs in the pantry, weird I know) but that was dinner. And I loved it. It took me almost no time to prep and was yummy and healthy!

Tonight I tried her Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas......SERIOUSLY yummy. I was thrilled.

I will be jumping back on that freezer meal band wagon soon....probably when Lisa returns home. I only cooked about 10-12 meals for the month, leaving me with 2 freezer meals a week so I didn't have to think about dinner AT ALL. But prepping 5 dinners in an hour and only cooking the sides also sounds divine.

You have download her sample menu and give a few recipes a try. I was really impressed!

  • She includes the grocery lists (which you can shop your cabinets first~you'll find a lot of the ingredients)
  • Instructions and directions are clear and Easy
  • She gives a few tips that make the whole process seriously take an hour to prep the meals and store them!
  • The meals were great! Of course you might see a few that don't call out to you, so don't make them! But this has been a great adventure this week! 
I found another site for those of you who love your crock pot.....A year of Slow cooking Another great tool for all us busy Moms!!!! I haven't tried any of these recipes yet, but I'm excited about the find!

As you can guess this year I have resolved to get my cooking back in order.....though I've been cooking everynight (except Fridays) it hasn't been as stress free as it can be. And that is one thing I need OFF my stress list!

My other resolution was trying to become more organized and diligent  this year. With so much going on at any given point, I would like the house and school to run more smoothly, and it can with a little effort......but that is another post and a set of links!


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