Friday, May 29, 2009

How it all Began

So I am sure some are wondering..."How did this all being?" So I thought I would revisit the past a little and do a historical post of my experience of slinging.

IMG_8606 copy
This little face was my inspiration. She looks sweet doesn't she? And she is! However, she was quite a Momma's girl as a baby. She was, shall we say, attached at the "nip". Now if she was my first child, it would have been fine, but she was my second. With my son being only 18 months old, well that created a little struggle for a Mom with only 2 arms! She didn't want to be put down she didn't want Daddy, she just wanted me! And while I was thrilled beyond belief to have the unconditional love of a daughter.....I had laundry piling up! Dog hair gathering football sized monster hair balls on the rug! And dinner, you know a family has to eat!

While I was perusing blogs online I saw a Mom wearing her baby! What was that thing? My heart started racing, the ideas started swirling around in my creative little ONE! SO naturally I started googling like crazy and found slings! But they were OH so expensive and oh so boring!! I am an Artist! I need color and pizazz! My heart dropped, my countenance fell....could it be true? Would I be stuck with the Bjorn forever? (No offense to Bjorn lovers but neither of my kids like it!) Out of the corner of my eye I saw something while flash. What was that? Oh yes I DO own a sewing machine! After googling some more I found sites that offered free instructions on how to make Ring Slings!

IMG_8009 copy

It took me less than 24 hours to get all the supplies I needed in order and start sewing. Yes I was determined, but I also can't stop until I have satisfyed the creative ideas that boil and bubble within! Two changes I made imediatly were to line the sling and use fun Hawaiian print material. I didn't want to see the wrong side of the fabric since I had chosen 2 (to start with) that were colorful! So I chose a cheap flannel liner and went with that. It seemed logical that baby would want to be next to something soft!

IMG_8028 copy

My first sling came together within a few hours, sitting at my kitchen table humming away while the kids slept I could hardly wait until they got up to try it out! I did a crazy pleat around the rings that was a little tricky and bulky, but it worked for all intents and purposes! There was a lot of extra material so I was determined to make a few changes when I started on the next one. But you know? My daughter fell asleep thevery first time I put her in the cradle position. Within minutes! That happened often in fact! I was sold. I mean completely and totally sold!

IMG_8015 copy

From that point on I wanted to wear My daughter all the time. I was looking for reasons to leave the house just so I could put her in the sling! The very next day I tried making another sling, changing a few more things on it. I tried the padding, but wasn't a fan, tried something new and eventually went back to the open tail. Played with the folding and stitching around the rings.

IMG_8231 copy

It took months and many slings before I finally settled on the style that we make today. ALthough I come from a rather Entrupreunurial family I never really considered making them to sell. I selfishly just wanted one for me! Though I ended up with a lot more than one! But the response I was getting both publically and online was overwhelming! I was getting requests from all over! How could I say no?? I loved slinging, and I wanted to spread the sling love! I had a few goals though. Along with being stylish and colorful, I wanted the craftsmanship to be something I could be proud of. I also wanted the slings to be strong, sturdy and safe. And most of all I wanted them to be affordable for parents of all price ranges.

IMG_8485 copy

So there was a lot of thinking, planning and deciding to do. I needed to combine some of these basic goals and create a truly awesome affordable sling. And I think we accomplished that!

IMG_9436 copy

Eventually we even added toy tags and inseam pockets, and started lining the slings with 100% cotton instead of just flannel. Many hours went into making what I think is the perfect Ring Sling. Something that could be used for the long term, in many positions and have some fun options to go along with them!

IMG_9435 copy

Then I started getting even more creative experimenting with different materials. I tried making water slings out of bathing suit material (a new line will be hitting the website in a few weeks!). And again fell in love! Ellie was not a water baby and loved being held at the beach as well. That can be hard to do when you have a spastic 2 year old that thinks he can dive in when ever he wants! But with a comfy, stretchy, fast drying sling you can get wet and not worry problem!

IMG_1179 copy

IMG_1178 copy

Then there are the beautiful brocades for special occasions or just a more stylish hip look. These are gorgeous and make wearing your baby truly a fashion accessory!
IMG_9655 copy

And for cooler climates why not try fleece? It can be a little stretchy and need more adjusting, but it's so soft and so comfy for baby as well while keeping them warm!
IMG_9631 copy

So you see we've come quite a long way! And the progress doens't stop there! The ideas that float around in this little head of mine eventually need to come out! And it happens in the way of something fun and functional!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens

When ever I take the kids out I make sure I have at least 1 sling with me even if it's a quick trip to the store you never know when you'll need an extra hand! Today with 3 toddlers and an infant the sling came in extra handy! There are times when Gracia can join the big kids and walk along or play along with them, but today that wasn't an option for such a little one on a long, wobbly walk.

Normally when we have visited the Botanical Gardens we've taken part in the "Storytime in the Garden" program for preschool-age kids that takes place every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Last month we learned about spiders! We played spider games, took a look at spiders, colored spiders and even made a spider craft! And even though it's a nice long drive to the other side of the island it's worth the money we spend in gas to have an afternoon of learning, nature and quality time together.

This time though, we just took a walk around the Gardens. And what a walk it was! It's very easy for kids age 2 and up, but with Gracia just being shy of 1 I was so thankful she is a sling baby! The paths are gravel, grass and dirt, not ideal for one practicing her walking skills! She was very happy to enjoy the view from her sling while Mom enjoyed the extra calorie burn! I wonder if there is a site that has logged the extra calories you burn carrying a child, something to look into!

I did let her stretch her legs here and there while we stopped to investigate things. She loves to be right in the middle of everything! That is also something I love about the Ring sling, the ease in which it takes to take the baby out and put her back in is literally seconds!

Since she is still young I am not yet comfortable with her on my back, though you can use a ring sling for that with older kids, I chose to have her on my hip for our walk today. It also makes for easy access if she needs to nurse, she's right there at the perfect height! For 1 and 1/2 hours we walked around the beautiful lush Gardens taking in all of God's wonderful creation before heading back to the car to grab our lunch.

All in all it was a perfect day. Everyone had fun investigating the world around us and we all got a little exercise!

The Gardens are not only beautiful for their lush Hawaiian foliage but also their proximity to the incredible Ko'olau Mountain Range. By far this is my favorite side of the island. If you are visiting Oahu I highly recommend this as a stop for many reasons. The Gardens are located on such a huge amount of land even if the parking lot is full there is ample space to find a little peace and really enjoy being in nature. The walk is easy, there are a few hills but as far as difficulty I'd say the very young and the very old alike can equally enjoy this walk. It's also easy to navigate. I have no sense of direction and even I didn't get lost! That's a good sign!

It's the perfect place for a peaceful stroll, a wandering adventure, a wonderful afternoon!

Who knows, you might even break a sweat like I did!

Keep slinging! ~ Tia

Positive Babywearing in Commercials

I'm not sure if you saw the Motrin commercial that negatively portrayed babywearing as a "painful" trend. One that needed Motrin as an aide in order to deal with the pains of the wearing your child. If you haven't (and I won't actually show the ad here) you can find it on YouTube.

I remember the time I saw it, and I only saw it once. My jaw dropped open, my eyes bugged out of their sockets. I couldn't believe what I had just seen! I was upset at the idea behind the advertising ploy and wondered if they writers behind this commercial understood what a firestorm they had created!

Of course baby wearers across America were outraged! Protests and boycotts ensued, stocks and profits of Motrin plummeted....oh wait, perhaps that never happened, but that was the only time I saw that commercial! I am guessing the voices of the many made their concerns heard and loudly at that.

As Baby wearing becomes not just a fad, but a revisiting of history and a way of life, I find images and talk of Baby wearing not only on a few blogs and sites dedicated to the practice. But also in mainstream media and magazines. It's becoming a social norm to see slings of all kinds whether you are a fan of the Bjorn, the Mei Tai, the Ring sling, Pouch, Hybrid, or wrap! Bought at Wal-mart, Target, online or made your self, Baby wearing is now a way of life.

A little proof of that is found in another commercial I recently viewed during an NBA Basketball game. Surprisingly Volkswagen showed a Dad wearing his baby in a pouch sling, bottle feeding the baby! I made my husband rewind the video and I listened closely wondering if there would be any anti-baby wearing sentiment. I was pleased to hear none of that! About the commercial series the writers say,

“We’ve drawn upon more traditional values and imagery for this campaign, particularly in the given economic climate. We want the people to know how well Volkswagen meets the needs of today’s drivers and families, especially when it comes to value, safety and reliability,” added Ellis.

Traditional values and imagery? Could it be that baby wearing IS becoming part of the idea of current imagery that is common in today's family? Hmmmm. I find it very interesting and quite wonderful that a new way of life, including using baby wearing in an Ad campaign can highlight a turn in what is becoming the norm.

It should be celebrated that what started as a unique, uncommon practice by a few who noticed and believed in the benefits and bonding that baby wearing provided both parent and child, has past the point of a trend or fad, and turned into a social norm. This can only mean great things for baby wearing! Positive benefits for babies, parents and companies! I particularly loved that they showed a father wearing his baby. SO many times at Expos and online I hear the idea that baby wearing is for Mom's to do, but it's not true! My husband was quickly sold on the practice when he found it was the only way he could comfort our second baby without me!

What do you think?

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Business Blog

IMG_3872 copy

So I have a new blog and made this little button (so proud of myself for figuring that one out!!) that will connect you to all things sling business. Not that I won't ever write those same things on here but I wanted a separate blog to discuss business related things. There is also a link to my website from there or from the photo of Dave on the right hand side of my xanga page so check us out! It's simple but it works! I'll be adding all sorts of items from slings, blankets, nursing covers, diaper clutches, burp cloths....maybe even my *new* idea I have yet to work on....occasionally I'll give ya a link to my Babywearing in Paradise site to read anything I think may interest you. I am asking, pleading, begging....which ever might convince "follow" me if you have a blogger account. I know some of you have multiple blog accounts and would like to build a readership on blogger. Don't get me wrong, I love xanga.....but I have more business and money making opportunities using blogger as well so.....well please follow me?

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes
And if you can't follow me in blogger but wanna help me win this can click on that logo as well!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a Mei Tai of Time!

Summer vacation is quickly approaching! Dave only has 2 weeks of school left before he is off for the summer! I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this time of year! I get help during the day, I can leave sans children whenever I need something, get a few things on the Honey-do list accomplished and.........relax. Spend time with the family....and of course look for free or very cheap educational and entertaining things for all of us to do!

I have found some great things around the island to do, one of my favorite though is hiking. I suppose that would not be very creative seeing as I live on an Island with lots of mountains, waterfalls, lush foliage. Even though it's something I love to do, it's not something we've done a whole lot of since the kids have been born. But now seems to be the absolute best time to get a little of that in!

Jonah being 4 can walk on his own, Ellie can be put in the hiking backpack carrier and now that I have been broken into the land of Mei Tai......well now I can carry Gracia!

Previously I had made 3 other Mei Tais, and though they work, I wanted something better something fancy......something......Babyhawk~ish. But to be honest, I want something I can try out first and I do I have $80 to spend??? Not really. I could make it happen however, being that I am such the DIY Queen that I am...could I justify buying one when a little foot peddling and finger stabs added to a few hours would get me the same results (hopefully)? Nah....I gave in, got out my scraps and tried making one for myself.

It really doens't take very much material, Mei Tai's are fairly inexpensive to make. I would say I spent between $5-7 to complete the entire carrier. It took about 2 hours start to finish (cutting included) and then some patience to wait until sunrise to stick Gracia in!

And the results????
I think it looks and feel great! I have not worn any of my children on my back very often. I like wearing them so they can see my face, or having them infront but that isn't always the smartest place for them to be! Like while cooking, the back would be heavenly! And while I can back carry my 4 year old and 3 year old....I am not comfortable doing that with an 11 month old!

The same idea with hiking, the back seems to be the smartest, safest place for Gracia to be making your hands free for gripping and grabbing!

So the last few days I've been practicing getting her in and out of the back carry. She isn't a huge fan of the Mei Tai yet, primarily because she's always been able to see out. With my rings slings she has loved the kangaroo carry as well as the hip carry, she can see the world that way! But she is getting used to being on my back. This morning she had a great time leaning around to smile and talk to me.

With any new baby carrier it's important not to give up the first few times something doesn't go right. There is always a learning process and time for both parent and baby. It's really important not to get frustrated when your child doesn't want to be in the sling, or when you can't quite get that position or time quite right. Life is just like that isn't it? You just gotta come back to it again another time or day and try again!

Thankfully there are so many instructional videos on the web I sat last night and watched a few to see exactly how to put her in there. It is a little tricky, especially when she is wiggling. It's not quite rocket science but I would be lying if I said it was easy at first. I think it will be easy after doing it for a few days, but anything worth it is going to require a little effort! So for us, learning this new carrier is totally worth it!

And the idea that I used scraps and got a little creative juice of out my system was also totally worth it!

Thanks for reading~Tia

Bucket Farming 2009

I know I haven't said much about our adventures in Bucket Farming but.....we've been at it still! I have really been enjoying watching things grow! We were able to have a salad fresh from the garden one night with dinner and it was delicious! The kids are actually a big help and are just as excited as I am to plant new things and check on everything.

I really love this way of gardening because it's so portable! I love being able to take the whole planting where ever it needs sun! And when the angle and position of the sun changes so can our garden! Right now we have Lettuce, Spinach, carrots, corn, tomatoes, peas, watermelon and strawberries planted. We'll try Broccoli again when I get some more dirt!

Today we spent school time learning about bugs that are eating our tomato plant. It took a while to find out what it was but we discovered they are called "Leafminers" and we learned about what they do to the plant and how they destroy it. We then took our magnifying glasses out to the plant and were able to find the Larve, and even saw a male and female Leafminer flying around the plant! They are so so tiny so magnifying glasses were a must! It was exciting to actually identify the problem and then be able to go out and find exactly what we had read about! I looked up some organic pesticide recipes and found that lots of insects hate garlic so i'll be blending up a batch of garlic pesticide and having the kids spray it on the plants to help with our intrudors.

It's been so fun and so educational to grow these different things! I am looking forward especially to the harvest of strawberries due in early July!

Recycled old paint buckets curtosey of Daddy!

We've got some berries already forming on there as well!

Just coming along.....

Yummy yummy! Some of this can already by harvested!

Very much looking forward to some sweet corn!

Nothing much going on for the rest of the day.....Laundry, lunch, mailing some packages and knitting!

Mei Tai Time!

This took me about 2 hours start to finish, I was working extra slow and cautiously because I hate having to do things over again! I am really pleased with the results! This makes me want to go on a walk and burn some extra calories...maybe go up and down the stairs a few times wearing Gracia....a couple of push~ups...okay enough. But it really does make me want to take the kids for a walk!!

And PS....yes I look totally chubby....that is because I am....and taking photos of myself is another motivating factor in losing weight! I wonder if she'd like the elliptical.......

I love the look on her face cracks me up. I don't know if I am wearing her right or not.....I need to look up some instructions....

Anyone wanna take a hike???? no really, I'm serious.....

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Solo Beach Trip

I did it, I actually took the kids to the beach by myself. Haven't tried that in a while, since Gracia was not mobile anyway! I had to deliver some slings to the North Shore and run to look for some fabric for slings that were ordered during the Expo so I thought why not take the kids to the Beach after such a long drive??? (Well for us 45 minutes to an hour is a long drive!)

Once we got to the Growing Keiki (the store that sells our slings) we all piled out and I chatted with the owner for a while. She asked if I could make some blankets for her and showed me what she was looking for which is great because they are SO easy! And she adored Ellie's little dress she was wearing and was interested in some of those as well....even though I hadn't thought of selling them they are pretty easy to make! SO we'll see! She bought 8 slings instead of her usual 6 so that was nice. She's been really great to us and sells the slings like hotcakes!

We stopped at the beach for abut 2 hours and had a blast. The kids LOVE the beach and if it hadn't been getting late we would have stayed even longer! I've never had a baby that loved the water as much as Gracia, and for those of you who know how much Jonah loves the water that is saying a lot! We got to the beach and she was all smiles and squealing and giggling with delight and excitement!

If you don't watch carefully she'll start making her way down to the shore!

Proof we were all there together! I was using the timer and even Gracia knew what to do! Look at her smiling and all!

After a few shots she was ready to get in the water!

Best Buddies...these two are so funny together, of course they fight too but their love for each other is like no other!

And look who got her little ears pierced!! So adorable! I made this dress oh....a few summers ago and it was just huge on her, I'm glad I remembered it before she grows out of it!

Then on the way home we stopped and got Shave Ice...that was the trickiest part of all, trying to get 3 kids and 3 shave ice to the car and get everyone settled without spilling them! Oh so delicious!

Then I stayed up late making a Mei Tai...I had tried before but this time did a little research and took my time to make one I really like. I really like Baby Hawk style but $80 I have I spent a few hours and no money (I used scraps of what I have here) and made my own! It's quite cute and works well. I wanted one for taking walks with the kids and for hiking this summer. I plan on doing a lot of that! I'll photo that later, I losta camera battery somehow and have to wait for my only one to charge!
So blogging has been a little dead lately...I know. My comments are at an all-time low and really with everything else going on in my life AND yours...well posting daily is almost not possible! It's just not as high a priority for me. Though it should be, I use it as a way to look back over the years at what we've been up to!

I still want to write everyday but it feels so mundane and monotonous to talk about the same things all the time!

(as i type this I just witnessed a huge spider get eaten by a gecko......GO GECKO!~ not to be confused with Geiko....)

Anyway, I have such a desire to get back in shape and healthy. Now that my thyroid meds have been upped I've lost a few pounds just from watching what I am eating! Yay! I so want to make a new Mei Tai (I'm too cheap to buy one of course!) so I can have Gracia in it for some extra calorie burn! Taking walks with the kids is great when they are on wheels and I am on foot!

But before all that I still have sling orders to fill now that I've gotten my new rings in (there was a problem with some of the rings we bought a few months ago fading and losing their color) and I've got some major packages to mail out that are long overdue! I also have some sling orders from the Expo to fill and another order from one of the stores we have our slings in. Tomorrow the kid and I are taking a field trip to the North Shore.....hmmmm maybe we'll go to the beach while we are there! Brave Momma! We'll see!

I need to post about the Expo itself! We did 'okay' we made money and connections which is always the important part no matter what. I was excited to sell some Baby Quilts, all my burp cloths, tons of Breastfeeding covers and diaper clutches! But I don't think the Boutique hair bows have hit the Islands yet! I only sold 5! (okay 11 if you count the 6 my Mom bought out of pity!) Seriously trends are sometimes slow to get here. So I will post what I have on either etsy or ebay....cause Ellie and Gracia don't really need 100 hair bows.....or do they now.......

And I need to say a word of HUGE thanks to my parents and my sister......They took all 3 kids Friday so we could set up and then kept Jonah and Ellie overnight Friday and ALL day Saturday then overnight Saturday and ALL day Sunday.......AND they were all sick! It's no easy thing to watch a 4 year old and 2 3 year olds that go go go constantly!

My Mom and sister then brought the kids to the Expo for a while and the girls got to pick out these......

It's a case you were wondering. She's hoplessly addicted to it!

I'll get some other fun shots another day when she's awake. I found her this way right before lunch....such a sweet tuckered out little ballerina.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preparing for the Baby Expo

We are heading into the last week before the May Baby Expo and with that comes excitement, exhaustion, hard work and late nights! We started out only sewing and selling Ring slings. We learned so much that first time around! Our display was a mess! We were nervous and excited and a little over prepared with a cash register! But we had a ball and did really well. Each time around we change things up a bit, improve on techniques, change the display to make it more buyer friendly.

The week leading up to the Expo (which happens to be this week) is always super stressful. And with 3 kids it's not easy to get things done! But somehow we always manage, and somehow we have the energy and excitement needed to make it through a long weekend!

Last Expo we added Baby Quilts made using the scraps from the slings, as well as burp cloths. They did okay, I was more proud to have mad things to sell spending little or no extra money!

This time we are adding a few more baby items as well! I've been making Nursing covers, for which we've been asked A LOT if we made them. As well as Diaper Clutches. Both are relatively simple to make and again I have spent little or not money on the supplies to finish them up. It's always fun for me to see what I can come up with using the huge stash of left over fabric I have! And of course the possibility of helping someone find something they want or need as well as making any extra income to support our growing family is always a huge plus as well.

As a side project I've also been making Korker Hair bows as well as little Boutique style bows. I love making them for all the girls in my life and haven't seen them at the Expos so far so I thought I would try my hand at those as well....hey why not. When the creative juices flow watch out!

As usual my hope is that all the time, money and effort spent working on all of these things end up more than worth it in the end.

There are some special moments that I look forward each time we do an Expo. One is helping someone use a sling for the first time and seeing their face when they find out how comfortable, easy to use and handy it is! Most people think it's hard to get used to and just aren't sure about it. I also love connecting with other parents and chatting about parenthood and experiences is, it makes you feel a lot less alone on the journey! And of course my all time favorite times are when a parent comes up either wearing our sling, or to buy another one for themselves or a friend! I love that! It makes it worth it knowing that our product and hard work makes people happy! Of course there are times that the sling just isn't for someone. But that makes the sweet moments all the more sugary sweet!

The longest 2 weeks of my LIFE....

Okay after that heart warming lovely post of the thoughts and honor of Motherhood.....I am now in the middle of week 2 of having a sick family...and it is rough! It started last Saturday night with some high HIGH fevers...then the runny noses and the coughs...then this Friday night my sister tried to take Jonah and Ellie so we could have a Saturday to work on the slings and such.....we started getting the call at about sister had dealt with the writhing and crying for hours before even resorting to call us! She is amazing (have I mentioned that? Probably not enough...) Anyway Dave head out about 4am to get him, he was in PAIN....of course we got him an appointment and he had the beginnings of an ear infection but also a sinus we got him meds for that. His ears are plugged, both of them. I keep trying to have converstations with him and forget he can't hear well. He just keeps yelling, "WHAT????" I should snap a photo of him in front to the TV with the volume ALL the way up.....I may be deaf by the time his ears clear up.....

Now Ellie is completely miserable with ear pain...we've tried everything though she doesn't seem to be in quite the same amount of pain as Jonah was so we haven't taken her to the Doc...ear infections clear up on their own in about the same amount of time and don't help with the pain so if we can make her comfy I'd rather not do the anti's.....anyway. As you can imagine we are such a loving and sharing family that poor Gracia is really sick as well. Hearing her cough is so heartwrenching!

And Sunday Dave went down for the count. God has spared me so far. I am praying for His protections so I can continue to take care of everyone and work on the EXPO projects! Oh what a 2 weeks! I hate having kids miserable and in pain. There is only so much you can do for them! I have been trying the trick of distraction but that only works for so long! We've been watching a lot of movies and "Super Why" lately....and playing schooling (or activites) they just don't feel up to it!

So out of this I was laying in bed troking Ellie's little head of hair last night and thinking....and came up with an awesome idea....of course it's awesome to me right???? So I ran downstairs and told Dave about it and he said it sounded like an excellent idea...I quicly googled my idea and guess what??? It doesn't exist!!!! That's a good thing! No one has made them or thought of them! How fun! Now I don't think this is a million dollar idea, but I think other Mom's would like these, and it really helped the kids feel better....that's all the hint I'm giving you until I complete my masterpiece! I'm pretty excited and even had to do a quick sketch so I wouldn't forget! Yes.....I'm a goon.....

Of course if any members of my prayer team are still around in this ghost town we used to call xanga you know I'd appreciate your prayers for the rest of the week as well as during the EXPO this Saturday and's gonna be a long long week and it's only Tuesday! I've still got some work on the slings to do....and I decided to try a few nursing covers which are really easy and quick to make and I had 99% of the things I needed to make them. And some diaper clutches as well. Simple ones with more of the fabric I in my extra bin. And then the bows of could I not try out a few of those! They are so fun and in all the Expos' we've been to only once have I seen someone with them and that was about 2 years ago so....hopefully we'll be the only one this time!

Korkers! I found some Disney Princess and Tinker Bell Bottle caps to put in the middle of some of them....So cute!

This is as fancy as I'm getting this time.....cute but simple.....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts of Motherhood

This is only my fourth year enjoying the benefits of Mother's Day...and while the roses are nice, and the has been each year, a time for me to both reflect on the kind of Mother I am, as well as how absolutely grateful and blessed I am to have these children.

Mothering hasn't come naturally for me, not that I am not caring and nurturing, but to be honest, I really didn't know who I was or what I should do as a Mother in most "mother" situations. Though I am one that is easily ruled by emotions and intuition, Motherhood was one area that I repeatedly did not trust my gut with. I could list a fury of reasons why, but the bottom line was that it took me time, prayer and many parenting books to get to know the Mother in me. To know who I was and what I was comfortable with as a Mother.

But most of all it took me getting closer to my Lord and Savior in order for me to be any kind of successful mother by God's standards, and even then everyday I fall short, everyday I fail and am reminded of God's Grace and Mercy towards me. I am reminded just how much I need the Lord in my life each and every moment. Holding me fast, guiding me. My one goal in parenting is to be the best, not by the Worlds standards, but by God's. These little children deserve the best example of woman who loves the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind and strength. They deserve the best example of someone living their life for Christ. And I alone can't give them that. It is only on my knees daily that I find the strength to give of myself to the point of exhaustion in every area. And again, with that comes failure after failure and again comes God's love, to pick me up, and continue learning about myself, about His love and His mercy.

The closer God draws me in the more I understand His relationship with us as a child of His. What it has taken Him watching our success and failure. Our dedication and disobedience. Our dependence or lack of faith. The joys He feels when we love and serve Him as we were created to do, and the pain and sorrow that having to train and discipline us brings.

Raising up children has only one purpose and that is to point them towards to savior. To nurture and love them to the Glory of God. I've read a few times..."motherhood is not for me! It is to bring God glory!!" I love that, it means so much to me and it is so true. I don't know if I'll have 3 kids or 9. I know that whatever our family looks like, I want to be content with how the Lord has blessed our family. And I want to bring Glory to God in raising our kids.

I am often brought to me knees in overwhelming thankfulness at how richly we've been blessed by these 3 lives. Yes the times are hard for many reasons, but we are blessed! We ARE blessed! What an honor to be entrusted with these little souls! What an awesome responsibility! One that is too great for me to handle on my own. I cannot bare this load without the help of Jesus, I am too weak, that I know. But in my weakness HE is made strong, and He is glorified.

So everyday is Mother's Day...every day is my day to show my kids the richness living a life for Christ is, learning along with them what it means to be a follower of Christ....and leading them in the path of truth. Thankfully I don't walk that path alone.


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