Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Living with CONFINDENCE in a CHAOTIC World {Review}

As the introduction unfolds in this book, the Author, Dr. David Jeremiah, excellently describes how effected everyone has been by the current economic, financial, environmental and moral catastrophes of the last few years. Globally there has been a new era descending over the earth. One of Chaos. To be honest, I wanted to stop reading right there. The reality of where we are headed as a Nation and Globally is both unsettling and nerve-wracking. But in continuing through the rest of the book, Dr. Jeremiah's scripture filled reminders of how we as Christians are to live in times as these were Calming, Constructive, Challenging and Convicting.

Dr. Jeremiah has provided some practical, scriptural reminders of who and what we are to Center our lives around. I found this book full of Biblical truth and scripture urging us to live according to the Word of God in these times. Expect this book to be full of highlighting, underlining and scribbling moments. What I loved as well was the integrated real-life situations with Living-Word examples to back up the concepts of the book. I also thought this books was very well researched and very current. The author highlighted many of the current events causing chaos and strife in lives across the world. For anyone in these days, whether you've lost your job, had work decrease or been affected by natural disaster, this book is a solid and positive source of encouragement for a very bleak and depressing World.

Disclaimer: I recieved this book for free from BookSneeze in return for my honest review and opinion! You can too! Visit the link below for more information!

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