Monday, September 20, 2010

Where in the world.......

have I been? Yeah I know you've been too actually.

Well. We are here, still, even though time is ticking by rather quickly. I literally haven't had time to read or write blogs which I suppose is both good and bad. I enjoy the outlet, the keeping of memories and times, but also getting to know, pray for and glean ideas from others as well. And really I haven't had the time for any of it.

For the last month we have been in full-tilt-boogie- move-in-mode. I would love to say I handled it all with Grace and gratefulness. The truth is , I haven't. It's been harder than I had imagined to move us in, sort through the remains of what my parents left (and sold some of what they still wanted-sorry Dad!) and begin to get comfy. It's been the perfect lesson for me about getting out of my comfort zone and having to rely on faith to carry me through. To be honest it took me a few weeks of being miserable and stressed out to my core to realize I was going about this move in all the wrong ways. Putting my priorities back into line, and aligning myself with God, joining His team, has made a big difference.

Our office (known as "hoarders  paradise" for the last few weeks is finally functional, which means I can get to the computer without going through a maze and finding all my slings and shipping supplies to finally get those slings shipped off that were ordered right when everything exploded.

If you think to pray for us, even though we aren't going through anything horrible and earthshattering, we'll still covet your prayers for peace and sanity during this crazy time. We are still waiting on God to give us peace about what to do with the ever.

And pray God keeps forcing us out of the box. It's a hard thing to do, change is difficult for one who hasn't had much of it in her life. But change is good, it isn't always easy....but it is good.

And if you are looking for a challenging, amazing book, check out the new one by Max Lucado.....Outlive Your Life.


  1. As hard as this move has been I do think its a good thing and that He will bless you for hanging in there and hanging on to Him. I love you : )

  2. Hi,
    this is the first time to your blog. I came here from a comment you left on Womens living well awhile back. And you had mentioned that you do an on-line curriculum for free, can I ask what site that is at. I am very interested in it. I would love to hear more about it.

    Your sister in Christ Jesus,
    A Homeschooling mom too.



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