Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sucked in

I'm not sure where time has taken me these last 4 months, but surely it has sucked me in and seemed to swallow me whole. Like living in a vacuum of sorts. How does one catch up on four months?

It's been about that long since I've had my own space, it feels like an eternity though. It's funny how being in a bigger space can feel smaller and less private, but that is what it is.

We saw the end of our second "official" homeschool year come to a close. I can say honestly it was way more successful than the first, hopefully I will say that every year! I watched a little boy blossom and grow, grasp concepts with lightening speed, and a little girl learn to read and add and do things she had been waiting to do....ever since she saw her brother do it.

Gracia finally turned 3 (though she thought she was three for months) and little Liora made it to 1. Apprehensive of her cake and all the show of a first birthday. Since then she has seemed to explode with personality and a sense of humor. I will never tire of watching a baby develop.

Summer started with a bang as we got a few things crossed off the "fun" list, planting a garden, going to the beach and pool, Awana camp, Jonah getting a permanent tooth knocked out. Oh wait, that wasn't on the list, but somehow it made it on there.Thankfully it's re-rooted after many trips to the dentist and wires and tons of blood and nervous parents. But we have survived.....and learned.

And all too soon this summer is coming to a close. The first of August brings school for Dave and heading into full time child care and homeschooling for me. With far too many items left on the list for things we never got to this summer. The next weeks bring planning and plotting and curriculum sorting, scheduling and organizing and all that goes into preparing for another year.

So this week we are trying to squeeze the last few fun things on the list.....so desperately we want to enjoy these days together, they are so fleeting, so quick. I wonder sometimes if I am really living, or if life is just going by. From task to task, never quite caught up on anything before the next thing comes undone, I find my self moving from one thing to the next. I wish I didn't get sucked in sometimes, that I could sit on the outside of the spinning vortex and just observe and absorb. I hope I learn to do this before it's too late......

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  1. Glad to see an update from you! We miss you guys much! Can't believe the kiddos are growing up so fast...



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