Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beach fun 101

So yesterday we decided to go to the beach spur of the moment. I packed a quick lunch, threw everything in the stroller and off we went! I always wish I could somehow snap a photo of all of us strolling down there, just for my own memory of what we must look like, Gracia in the sling the kids in the stroller....crazy Mom pushing these little ones....

I think it was the best time I've had taking the kids to the beach by myself ever. It was so fun we stayed for almost 4 hours! They are all getting to the age that is comfortable for me to actually be with them without worrying (too much) about them getting sucked away! Jonah is so good at keeping his head afloat and doggy paddling, this summer will be great for teaching him how to kick and paddle. And Ellie has finally gotten over her fear of the water. It's amazing to see her playing around in the shore break! And Gracia, she is the one I worry the most about, she is so quick and loves the water so much I have to be very watchful, without fear she just rushes the shore break, my little big wave surfer! But she also very content when I have her in the water sling and we are just wading along in the surf. Of course water slings aren't completely hands free because of their stretchy quality. But they are great when you have a handful of little ones to take care of!

I had the time to just sit and watch them and take photos without barking orders at them. It was so peaceful! Not that I was lounging and kicking back but it was honestly the best time I've had with them. Everyone was happy and content and enjoying God's creation for what it is. We even took a little walk along the tide pools and collected tons of sea snails and hermit crabs! Love those things! They are so cute and so brave, just like my little Ellie who quickly holds her hand out for a hermit crab experience!

Ellie made a new game jumping from a rock into the shore break. Of course Jonah joined in and then Gracie wanted a little bit of the action...she doesn't like to be left out you know! It was so neat to see her bravery and comfort with the water coming out. We've waited so long for that!

After our long day we strapped eveyone in. Got Gracia back in the Mei Tai had headed home. She peacefully fell asleep as my walking jiggled her. I have discovered my love for the Mei Tai's ease it is to take a sleeping baby from this carrier.


  1. Beautiful! What beach is that?

  2. Harper had that same swim suit last summer...I guess it's Langley's now :)
    Very cute!

  3. Aww, that is so sweet! I love the pics of the little daredevils jumping off of the rocks! :)

  4. Those are some great pictures! GOod job...and your little ones are very cute..

  5. That's gorgeous! What great photos.

    I think the mei tai is my favourite carrier. It always puts my little one straight to sleep, too.

  6. Looks like you had a beautiful day - gorgeous pictures!

  7. Those are some great pictures! GOod job...and your little ones are very cute..



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