Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gracia-Rella's First Birthday's been an entire year since my little babe Gracefully entered the world. It's gone by in the blink of an eye! It saddens me to think she is leaving behind her babyhood and entering toddlerhood! But I guess that is the way it goes!

I would be totally lying if I said this was the first time she had cake, ice cream OR chocolate....this girl has the Heldt sweet tooth, but she enjoyed it anyway! She was a little hesitant at first and kept looking at Dave and I as if we were going to tell her no. She started a little slow and then got the hang of it! By the end of our little photos session I had more precious photos than I know what to do with and she was covered in frosting! What a great little tradition this is!

This little girl has been a blessing right from the start. I was so worried I would be giving birth in the car because of Ellie's quick labor, and even though it was quick, only 2 1/2 hours, she waited just until I was in the hospital, checked in and strolling to the labor room. I had her about 5 minutes after arriving in the room!

I always joke she was the baby that read the manual in utero, she just seemed to know what to do right from the start! She nursed without any trouble, ate right from the start, slept a whole bunch, and barely fussed. Her personality is still like that. She thinks she is as able and capable as the older 2 and she'll give you a screech if you try and tell her otherwise! She's got quite the firecracker attitude that Ellie does, but she also has an incredibly sweet side.

She is daring and yet very cautious, she loves climbing on everything she can get herself onto....which is quite a lot these days! She is so feisty and loves to play and wrestle with Dave, she loves it when she is thrown into the air and tickled and played with.

She gives the best hugs....when I get her up from a nap, or sometimes when she's tired, she grabs my neck and my arm and tucks her chin on my neck and doesn't let go. I just stop and hug her back. It's so precious.

She's been known to lay down where ever she is and fall asleep.

She loves being outside and playing in the yard. Since she figured out how to open the door and let herself out months ago, she does that almost everyday.

She loves sparkly necklaces. She will find one laying around and put it on and wear it for hours. If you try to take it off her she screeches!

Water....this baby loves the water. She comes toddling over...the hose, bath, ocean, pool, sink....whatever it is she loves it!

She eats everything....everything edible that is. I don't think there is anything she doesn't like. If she sees you eating it she's going to want to try it! How wonderful is that?

And she's one today........

Happy Birthday Little Gracia Ruth

She was a little hesitant, I think she kept waiting for a "No!"

Two hands!

Hey that IS pretty good!

A hand full!

and a foot full!

This is awesome!

I think my job is done here!

This is the best day ever!!


  1. AHAHAHA! Those pictures are AWESOME! I love it! I can't believe she is a year old. Time has gone by so quickly!!!! Wow! She's beautiful!

  2. yeah! i missed you guys! so happy to know you still have a blog. g looks like j:)
    i will have to catch up.

  3. Oh my Tia! What fun pictures. They grow too fast. Wow. Those last two about killed me with cuteness.

  4. Cute blog, and awesome pictures!!!!



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