Thursday, May 20, 2010

Introducing Liora Tresa

Liora (Lee-{OR}-ah) Means the gift of God's light in Hebrew, Tresa is my grandmother's middle name (Italian spelling)

She is a gift of light to a few photos of the new babe. Unedited, because we had to wipe out the computer and my photoshop isn't up and running yet....but I'll edit them later and add to she is as photographed by a friend.....

She is such a sweet and easy sleepy I have to wake her up to eat all the time!

Today we had our first day without Daddy home (though Aunt Steph is here so I am not alone!!!) We actually had a very normal day! School work got done, naps were taken, I even had a small amount of time to myself!

It's still hard to believe there are four little Heldts running around here (okay 3 running and one sleeping). I know the crazy times are ahead when Liora has more wake time and needs more entertainment, but I am enjoying the peace now.

We also had our first day of cloth diapers which I just love....newborn cloth diapers are so little and cute!


  1. Cute name...cute baby! Congrats, Tia!

  2. She is BEAUTIFUL! congratulations! You are so blessed-
    Heidi & Jack.

  3. She's so darling, Tia! Not a surprise at all. Glad to hear you are doing well - FOUR beautiful kids. You are so blessed! :)


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