Thursday, June 3, 2010

A {little} peek

I love this phase. She's only a few days old here, sleepy and chubby and good smelling.

We are doing good. All of us.

I really thought having 4 kids would be overwhelming, and believe me there have been times! But all in all it's been wonderful. Dave and I have always tried to foster independence in our children (age appropriate of course) and we are seeing that more and more. The milestones are other 3 children are coming to as we've added a newbie is amazing, and sad all at the same time! 

With summer in full blast it's already been full of late nights, movies and slumber parties. The next few days we'll be setting up the above ground pool! We'll all be nice and tan! 

We'll also be continuing school for the summer. Two months seems like a long time for little minds to retain all that they've learned this year! And in all honestly my kids go a little crazy with nothing planned. The house ends up a wreck, they jump from activity to activity chaotically. It's not good. So we'll continue with reading, math, Bible and ART and science. But only a little each day, no more than an hour a day, and mostly FUN stuff! But I do want them to keep up with what they've learned!

We've also got VBS this summer in July, Awana camp in late June, Dave teaching summer we will be busy! But busy is fun. I am really hoping to get a little sewing at some point, maybe some knitting. But my main goal is just to enjoy the summer. To take it easy, not have too many expectations, and just enjoy my little family!

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