Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo Update

I'm still trying to get my photoshop up and running, heck who am I kidding. I'm putting in 19 hour days these days (14 hours of those solo with just me and the kiddos).

In an attempt to stay sane today I took the kids to the field across the street from the house. Liora screamed through MOST of the are two I liked. One of which she was screaming....but you can't see her face in it.....

These precious feet rely on me so much these days. I keep failing them over and over.....but it drives me to be a better Momma to them. They deserve only love.


  1. Sweet pics. Love Jonah in the first one. What great character he has. Hang in there - I'm a single mama much of the time these days - Lance works 12 hour shifts and is doing construction on his days off right now. I don't have four, but I know the long days very well. Love...

  2. From a ma-ma of 4, it will get easier :) LOVE these pics gorgeous girls and Jonah is a DOLL! Reminds me much of our boy with his long locks of blonde hair! BTW, I actually love looking back at the photos of my babies crying today, something so sweet about those ones, so real. Enjoy every moment, they grow up so fast, hugs-
    Heidi & Jack



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