Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In a matter of minutes

Our house is going from 8 people to 12, 4 kids to 6, 1 family to is going to change!

My sister is coming home with her husband, Bella (Ellie's twin ;) and her beautiful little new babe. And the house will go from crazy to well, crazier!

I'm a little nervous of course, but mostly just excited! I've missed my sister and being around her husband and kids! I've missed seeing her each week and being a big part of each other's lives. So let the adventure being!

We are in for some big changes as we add Bella to our homeschool day and TJ to our love. I've already brainstormed how to do 4 kids workboxes (can't leave out Gracie right?)

This will hold the big kids stuff and Gracie still gets her work baskets! Gracie has also given up her desk for Bella (which you know, she barely uses anyway~but of course we've told her how kind that is!)

I just dug through the attic and found all sorts of baby things I thought would help.....swing, bouncy chair, play mat, bath tub, Moses basket.......I am excited to dig through Jonah's old baby clothes and see if we can dress TJ in some of those as well!

That being said, I suppose I should shower, or change or's a special homecoming for us!

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