Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Formula

Not talking about Baby formula, not even talking some fancy 1st grade level math. Just talking about parenting.

It's a hard, rocky, difficult road at times. Sometimes it's Ataxia and Hydrocephalus, somedays it's plain ole disobedience. Either way there is no formula for how to get through those tough times except of course if you are talking about the only formula proven to work.....

God + Prayer = Life

I busy myself by reading parenting books and education books, help me here and now books. But when it comes down to it, there is only one books that needs to be sought out, undusted and ready day after day, moment after moment. God's word. It may seem like an unlikely manual at times. But for every behavior and trial there God promises in His word comfort, peace, strength......

He is waiting for me to go to Him and too often I am gazing in another direction. Hoping to see some bright shinning light flashing and glittering.

Every time, HE is the answer, HE is the formula and coming to Him is the only way to live. And love. There is no fancy quick fix solution to every problem we encounter, but HE is there, the answer I so often avoid.

I always get caught in the trap thinking there is something within me that can be different, do different, feel different, behave different....and then it hits me that the difference is Him. I am powerless without Him and it is only He in me that works. I have to open my hands and heart and truly let go, fall on my knees and sink into Him, for true change.

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