Wednesday, January 13, 2010

{Incentives for littles}

Honestly I am not one that is BIG of rewarding good behavior with THINGS, or bribing them for being good. But I think I've found a way to have the kids work towards something special each week that helps them do a little better on their school work without me coercing them and reminding them constantly. I've come up with "Field Trip Fridays, Funday Fridays" or something to that alliterating affect.

They are still very young and really neither of them are even old enough for formal schooling but it's hard for me to get away from my teacher training! ( which by the way, I think in some ways is a blessing that I have an educational background and in some ways hinders the process) I do expect them to behave like they would in someone else's classroom, and I know they do in Sunday school and Awana and MBTA (for Jonah) but because it's ME, they tend to fool around a bit more and complain a bit more about not wanting to do things.

So for doing things such as sitting nicely during a lesson, completeing work without complaining, listening, particiapting, raising your hand, etc........they get little stickers for their chart. When the chart is filled up they are rewarded! Each week the kids will either choose (or maybe we'll pull things from a reward bag, I haven't decided just yet) one of these little rewards:

  • Special Movie time
  • Walking up the road for Shave Ice
  • Speical Time Baking treats with Mom
  • Puzzle Time
  • Special Craft Time (i've got a whole box of craft kits they've yet to work on!!)
  • Game Time with Mom
  • A Menchies frozen yogurt treat
  • Lunch and afternoon at the Playground
  • Special Fieldtrips like to the Zoo, Hoomaluhia Gardens, the Art Museum and other free or really cheap activities!
And if you have any other cheap or FREE ideas PLEASE let me know. I am not looking to buy them things, but reward great behavior with FUN things to do together. And of course all of these things we do anyway, but these are the special things I KNOW they enjoy! So far in 2 weeks of talking about all of this with them and coming up with ideas (mostly from them!!) already they've started to settle down and work easier during school. It's made life a little less stressful during those times! And besides I have about 2000 stickers I need to find a way to use before they end up stuck to the floors and walls!!!!

Do you use any kind of incentives for your littles, if so what sort of ideas do you have??

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  1. Loved this post! You are so creative and do such a great job with schooling. I can totally relate to there being benefits to having been a teacher AND disadvantages!
    Sounds like you already have some great ideas! Maybe you could throw in a make their favorite dinner night? Where they get to plan the menu - within reason, of course! Or one-on-one time with you doing an activity of their choice.
    I haven't really used many incentives with Cadi yet - besides when we potty trained. I think this summer/fall will be a good time to start.
    Again -I am so glad you are on blogger!!



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