Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lessons in Becoming a Drill Sargent

Okay so my goal is not to be a drill Sargent exactly, I don't want to be yelling in people's faces and telling them to drop and give me 20 BUT......I have decided that Dave and I do entirely too much around here and the kids certainly can help a little (to their ability)!!!!! I've been listing and brainstorming for a while now, asking Dave for advice, etc....and today I will hopefully have enough time to complete chore charts for everyone (including Jon!!!)

I first noticed this a few months ago when Dave and I would spend 30-60 minutes in the kitchen cleaning it after a meal while the kids played and goofed off, (ie making a mess) in the living room. I thought to myself, "Hey now! This doesn't seem to be so fair!!!" So I asked Jonah and Ellie to clear the table, Jon wipes and sweeps (or wipes) under the table, the chairs and the high chair....that literally cut off about 20 minutes for us~! That was my first taste of success and it won't be the last!!!

It's really not that I don't want to serve my family or that I want to make them my little slaves, but I do want to help them in learning team work, responsibility, being good stewards of what we've been given as well as service. Adding to the family always brings more mess and more to do and honestly I just can't keep up with it and homeschool and have the responsibilities that I do at church. I've been focusing so much on schooling, meals and the house that I haven't been doing a great job in other areas....

So I've come up with daily (attainable) chores for each of them to do. I'm not sure about allowance just yet. We did it earlier but then it only resulted in more toys in this house and I don't think that is a good way to spend money. So maybe saving up for something would be a better goal (something for later on to consider anyway).

Well I'm really just kidding here but the girl can help clean up her toys and put her dirty clothes in the hamper (which she does well and enjoys!)

Still a wee bit young but.....she can still::
clean her room
empty the recycling (1xwk)
clear the table
put her own laundry away (as needed)
{help} rake/pick up leaves (2xmonth)
{help} wash the dog (2xmonth)
{help} clean out the car (gather toys and put them away)
{help} straighten the backyard (toys and misc)
clean the downstairs bathroom mirror (this girl loves this job, I think she just may like looking at herself in the mirror!!) (1xwk)

clean his room
empty bathroom trash (3xwk)
clear the table
Vaccum the living room (he really loves this job too, promise) (1xwk)
bring the kids laundry hamper downstairs to the washer (1-2xwk)
put his own laundry away (as needed)
{help} rake/pick up leaves (2xmonth)
{help}wash the dog (2xmonth)
{help} clean out the car (pick up the trash)
{help} clean up backyard (toys and misc)
clean the downstairs bathroom sink and counter (1xwk)

keep his room/things neat
fold his laundry (1-2xwk)
pick up doggie poo (everyday)
unload the dishwasher (every morning)
take out kitchen and office trash (as needed or when asked)
vaccum upstairs (1xwk)
fold kitchen towels (as needed)
{help} rake/pick up leaves (2xmonth)
{help}wash the dog (2xmonth)
wash the van or SUV (1-2xmonth)
{help} clean up backyard area (toys and misc)
clean the downstairs toilet and shower (1xwk)

So next step is to make the charts and then have a little family meeting and have a little talk. For a long long time the kids have done little more than clean their rooms and pick up their own toys. I then added the laundry a little while ago after getting the littles their own little laundry baskets that they could lift and carry on their own. They actually have really great attitudes about helping and often offer, ask and beg to help me do things like vacuum and mop! Or wiping the walls with the magic eraser! They love that one! They also love charts!! So hopefully we can get this family going in the right direction helping us ALL keep the house in better shape than what I have been able to accomplish on my own.

Do your kids have chores?? If so what do you have them do? I'm always looking for ideas!!!

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