Thursday, February 18, 2010

Acidic Photos {AKA Cheating in Photoshop}

 The Before::Jonah watching the surf

 I admit I am a cheat artist. I know a lot about Photography from teaching it for 4 years {and boy do I miss the darkroom!!}. But when it comes to Photoshop, I know so little. It's one of those areas always tempting me to learn more about, but with everything going on I just never have enough time to sit down and devote the energy to. So I cheat. I use free photoshop actions I find in various places around the net. I have taught myself little tricks and tips for editing, but in the vast world of Digital Editing, I truly know practically nothing. That doesn't stop my love for photography from being a hidden passion in my life. And even though I know I can't devote much of my time to it right now, I am thankful for the background knowledge I have in order to capture memories and moments that are so fleeting as my children sprout before my eyes!

One of my favorite actions is "Acidify"'s makes the photo look kinda grungy and just changes the mood a little enough to make a difference.......

The After:: a little Acid and some burnt edges 

Before:: too dark!!

The After:: popped some of the colors and lightened it a bit

One day I know I will have the time to get more into photography again, but for now I'll settle with the little ones in my life being the main focus of my photo shoots!


  1. Great shots!! I wish I was where you are right now!!! :)

  2. i love those! and that action is fantastic!

    (if you want to learn more photoshop, i highly recommend this tutorial:

  3. I'm lovin' this "acidify" action. Very nice!

  4. love it ! We are stationed in hawaii, great place to get some pictures.

  5. I LOVE the first picture. The color of the water is beautiful!
    I also LOVE the song sweet of my favorites!


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