Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What did {YOU} do today? ~Link up~

I know there are common misconceptions of what exactly a homemaker does. Though I haven't ever been personally asked or offended by anyone (that I can remember offhand) thinking that homemakers do nothing all day. But there are many days that come to and end, where I feel like I've done nothing! Now logically I know this can't be totally true. Sometimes though I think it's Satan's way of getting to me, trying to make me feel like a failure, like I have no "real" job or purpose other than babysitting. Again, logically I know this isn't truth, but when emotions run wild, this is where they lead me some days.

So yesterday I decided to write everything I did down. I was impressed. I hadn't done anything especially big during the day, in fact, yesterday was a little void of real cleaning which I try and do a little of everyday. But just the regular routine of what needs to be done actually shocked me as it started growing. And I didn't include everything like changing diapers and things like that.

SO here it is...what I do in a day {warning::it's not that interesting!!}
  • make breakfast
  • start dinner
  • clean kitchen up from breakfast
  • morning devotions
  • sweep floor
  • check computer
  • clean up Gracia's art on the floor
  • school prep
  • clean school area
  • collect dirty clothes
  • start a load of laundry
  • Read books to the kids
  • straighten bathroom counters
  • straighten bedroom, make beds
  • get kids a snack
  • clean more dishes in kitchen
  • clean Gracia the pudding Monster (mini bath time)
  • wipe down the bathroom 
  • check computer
  •  fill kids laundry baskets 
  • switch loads
  • start a new load of laundry
  • Bible Lesson with kids
  • made 
  • lunch
  • clean kitchen after lunch
  • fiddle with dinner
  • wipe table and wipe down kitchen counters
  • school with kids
  • planning for school (next day)
  • switch loads/ put in a new load of laundry
  • get kids snack
  • fold laundry
  • put school stuff away
  • straighten livingroom
  • finish dinner
  • shower
  • spent time with the kids
  • spent time with Dave
  • got dinner on the table
  • cleaned dishes and kitchen after dinner
  • family devotions
  • worked on sling stuff and sewing
That pretty much covers it! It was an encouragement to me to see that I was doing all day long, even on days like yesterday, the little things add up, and they count! Not to puff myself up and look like superwoman. Like I said this list wasn't some special day of big projects, it was just a regular day that any mom can relate to!

So here is the challenge! If you are feeling deflated about how little you are doing at home, or you just want to see exactly what you do all day every day, make a list everyday for a week. Try to add in every thing you do. Now this list isn't to prove to your spouse how much you do or validate your worth through the task of "doing"....it's just to help get a realistic view on what {YOU} do all day. Maybe you'll discover you do too much.....maybe you'll discover the 4 hours you spend surfing the net or watching Lifetime movies is kinda a waste of your time. I don't know.......But it's given me a little better perspective on what happens around here on a moment by moment basis!

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Add your link below so we can encourage one another and get a feel for the real life of a homemaker or Mom!

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  1. Love your blog!

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