Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Multitude Monday~on Tuesday

7. For funny quotes from my 3 year old after spilled milk "Oh sorry Mom, My bad, I'm just not myself today."

8. For kids who love fruits and veggies.

9. For hand-me-downs from friends and neighbors.

10. For God's faithfulness and provision time after time, even when I forget that He promises that and start to worry.

11. For 3 little bodies wrapped together during reading time.

12. For slow Mondays after a long, busy, fun-filled weekend.

13. For an incredible church family that really does feel like family.

14. For the 24 hours in a day given to us to worship a living and loving God.

15. For a little 18 month old dancing, swaying and swinging to music.

16.For a sleeping little baby in my arms rocking back and forth.

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