Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Books!!

I found this awesome opportunity to get Free books in exchange for a review of that book! You can to apply and get accepted so I was a little nervous, seeing how I've only done one actual book review. But guess what? I got accepted and so can you!

I've said before I am a slight book nerd. {we borrow no less than 40 books at a time} but I really don't have the funds to buy every book I want to read. I borrow about 99% of the books I read. If it's a great book and one I know I'll reference again and again I buy it used (mostly off of those $,01 books!!). So when I saw this opportunity for FREE books in exchange for my personal opinion! No brainer!

I review for BookSneeze

Visit this website, spend about 1 minute filling out a little application, wait a few days and you too might be accepted to receive free books in exchange for reviews! You can even choose the catergories that you are interested in! From childrens' books to Spiritual books to fiction. Anything and everything! Plus YOU get to choose the books you review! They do NOT send you random books that you have to review! When you are done reading, you post a review or a link to you blog where the review is and you are eligible to receive another book! That's it! Don't know how to write a book review!? They even give you tips and guidlines to follow and stress honesty about the book based on your personal opinion!

I'm pretty excited about it! I had a hard time this morning picking books! Since Easter is around the corner I had been looking for something to do with the kids (kind of like the Jesse Tree at Christmas time) and found this book as an option::

Powered by Ingram Digital

From the Read and Share Bible brand, this retelling of the Easter story is explained in a way that helps young children understand the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.
Based on the International Children's Bible, this story walks through the last week of Christ's life and is told in a way that teaches children about the amazing gift Jesus gave us. Events include His triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday through His appearance to the disciples and His ascension. The "Can You Retell the Story" activity at the end of the book is a fun way to hide the Word in their heart.
The animated DVD includes a 15-minutes of stories plus coloring pages and other bonus features.

It comes with coloring pages, an activity and a we'll see!

There is NOTHING to lose with Book Sneeze! Try it out and let me know if you are accepted so us book nerds can share the wisdom!


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