Thursday, March 4, 2010

A {Rare} day

I looked on the Calendar today and I had written in Library. I love the Library. I love having the kids come home with 50 pounds of books to look through. It's the actual Library trip that can be a little rough. In fact we haven't been there in a while because the last trip was disastrous.

Jonah and Ellie are great.....they love the library and love making a huge pile of books from all over the kids section because they know I won't say no. We went from taking 1 reusable bag to 3! We usually borrow around 40 books, today's count was 48. I'll look up what we are studying for the next three weeks so I have some goals in mind, usually I also have a few to pick up that I've requested ( I don't even bother looking down the adult isles at this point!) and then let the kids pick out whatever looks interesting to them.

Gracia on the other hand? Well honestly what can one expect from a 20 month old? Nothing less than running, giggling loudly, climbing on the tables, throwing the stuffed animals in the reading corner, climbing on the kiddy book shelves.....yes with little destructo around the trip can be quite tiring!

But today for some reason was delightful. No one got any warnings (except Gracia to get off the top of the bookshelf and down from the table top). No tantrums, no disobedience. On the way out the Librarian even commented on how well behaved my kids that is a rare treat to a mother's ears. And it really made my day.

After editing with a little Graussian Blur

So much so we made a spontaneous stop to borrow "Where the Wild Things Are" (with a FREE movie coupon of course!) and make tonight Spaghetti and Movie night. It's days like this when I can breathe and just enjoy, and it is a rare treat with 3 little ones always needing something!

The Original

One more edit just for fun.
I wish all my days went this well...but that is what makes this one so rare, one to cherish. Easy days are hard to come by, easy outings with 3 little ones and a huge belly are even harder to come by. So I cherish this one day and remember it, even though it was simple, just a little Library trip. It's one I'll remember with a smile!

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  1. Cute, cute, cute!!!! I love feet!


  2. Children feet are always So perfect! Great Crop!

  3. Your blur edit is really great! It's so hard to make it look natural. You pulled it off amazingly. I <3 library days with my little one too.

  4. Oooh, I LOVE these shots! I cannot decide which edit I like best. I think the second. Hmm.... nope maybe the first! Love kiddos feet. And I love cherished moments! {wink}

  5. Thanks for the sweet comment. I LOVE the Coffeeshop. Rita is amazing. Seriously, the night I found her blog, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! :)

  6. Awww, love the feet too :) Thanks Tia for stopping by our little boys Blog. What sweet babies you have, absolutely adorable...and yes, long hair on boys rock! (even tho the grandparents all complain!) I think you and I would get along nicely. Wore all my babies and breastfed them all beyond 2yrs...Im so missing those days, cherish every moment :) Love your blog and all your photos. Makes me want to move next door to you! warm hugs--
    Heidi & Jack.



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