Monday, March 22, 2010

Stepping into Spring like a {sNaIL}

Phew! Where on the island have we been!??! I hadn't realized it had been so long since I had posted anything, but alas, when real life takes you on a journey you follow! Last week was spring break meaning Dave was home! In our house that always means we are way more busy! Even though the kids don't have school either, we are either working on some home improvement project or taking the kids on mini adventures around the island trying to squeeze in memories and family time. Last week we were able to do both! The first 3 days of the week Dave and Jon stripped the tile, refinished it and the shampooed all the carpets in the house! It was a bit challenging to move the furniture and the kids around, so during this time I took the kids to the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens for a Pre-school activity (free of course!!)

The kids had a blast and we all learned a LOT about snails!

 A "GarDeN variety" snail
[did you KNOW that shell is made of dirt eaten by the snail?]

 Peeking in at an African Snail
[look but don't touch!]

Making a snail craft!

Snails on a log

A very cute and easy craft the kids loved!

A series of shots...none of which are good, all of which are funny.

Ya think my fishing pole is long enough or should I find another one?

Feeding the fishes our sandwich crusts
Sweet Sisters
Good Friends

We had a really great day. We love hanging out with Pua and Phoebe. And the kids love each other. Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens is located on the Windward side of the island up against the Ko'olau Mountain Range. It's gorgeous over there, so green and lush. I even found Soap Berries, I'm currently trying to figure out how to make them into usable laundry detergent!

When going on family field trips I always dress the kids in like colors. Of course I love having them all match and coordinate but really for sighting purposes I try and make it easy on myself! That's why today is all about the orange! 

What tricks do you use when taking all the kids out?


  1. Oh man...that is beautiful! I wish we would have gone there while in Hawaii! Thankfully I don't have to have any real tricks to keep an eye on the boys because they aren't quite big enough yet! Soon though...especially with #3 on the way. Hope the pregnancy is going well! We miss and love you guys!

  2. Cute pictures! Looks like a fun time. :) The kiddos are getting so big - I can't believe it!




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