Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's to come

So our home PC just fizzled. Well....not the entire PC {seriously thanking the Lord} just a virus that attacked the use of the internet! So while all my files and photos are safe, I can't get on the net to post all the things I am falling behind on! I've got some give aways and some reviews all lined up and ready to go, but all my photos are on the other computer so doing a little catch up and switch-a-roo are in order to get everthing up and running! but here is a little taste of what is to come::

I'll be reviewing the the following products :

  • The Farber and Castell young Artist Texture set. Incredible! The kids really loved it and I can't wait to share with you the fun they had!

  •  The Baby K-Tan sling, a hybrid sling I am waiting to arrive so I can try in out!

  • The Story of Easter by Gwen Ellis. A fun condensed version of Holy week with easy to absorb facts and descriptions of the last week of Jesus' life on earth. I'll be including fun crafts you can do with your kids as you read the sections in this book. It also comes with a DVD!!!!

Here are some giveaways headed your way!!!

  • An Apron giveaway from fewofmyfavoritethings Fabulous hand made creations including my favorite Mother/daughter matching aprons. Amazing creativity and craftsmaship!
  • A giveaway from Picky Sticky These great little stickers are perfect for keeping tabs of your babies age OR your pregnancy! Just stick and click!
  • My very own giveaway......a Keiki Kuddlerz Sling! In anticipation of getting to sling my own newborn again!!!
So stay tuned, it'll take a bit to get these up, but I will....along with some photos of our adventures taking 11 kids to the beach last sunday! Thankfully at least 4 of them could swim! Fun times here as the weather gets a little warmer, the waves get a little smaller, and summer vacation can be seen in the near distance!

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