Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tiny Tornado

That's the name given to Gracia by our Floridian counter parts over Christmas. And that she is.

Barely into her halfway past 2 years, she is a spitfire, a firecracker and a huge big swirling dervish of love, all in her petite little body. Her big beautiful brown eyes framed by her long eyelashes, and frinkles that dot her nose will get you every time. Especially when she cocks her head to one side an grins that huge grin at you. Telling you she's 6....you might just agree and not even know what you are saying, mesmerized by her.

Her vocabulary and story telling skills are pretty amazing for her age, I admit. But it's her desire to truly be older than she is that is more adorable. These days you might hear her say things like,

"I am just so so so sorry!"

"I need that _______ really bad."

This morning when we were telling her to share a ball with her brother she exclaimed, "But I'm a mean girl, I don't share!" Oh wow.

Her toddler pronunciation of "L" is adorable as well, she's yittle you know. She'll say those "L's" one day soon enough.

Every day now she is a princess. No I take that back, everyday she is 20 princesses, and yes you can imagine what the dress up bin looks like. It's empty, the floor around it threw up sparkly dresses though. She spins and dances and twirls just like one when the music is on, clipty clapping in those plastic princess shoes.

She calls the Movie "Prince Casian" Green Balafalin
Umbrellas are Cabellas
and she named her bathtub duck....Canuna

She's also very sensitive to being scolded, especially by her Father, it's easy to give into her, unfortunatly....

Liora loves her. I've always seen a special connection between Jonah and Ellie (though they don't exclude Gracia) there is also a special connection between Liora and Gracia, it's so sweet. Siblings....

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  1. Beautiful tribute to a cutie! I love the connections they make with siblings, too!



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