Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time Stamped

Time has been a thief around here lately.

One second I have a little babe not able to sit or be or do on her own, I turn my head and now she's gone, from one end of this long winding house to the other. She's exploring everything. Without the need for toys, she's on a mission to just....see, and be. Leaving babydom behind, crawling quickly out of her infant stage to the next exciting venture. Finding anything just above her to reach for and pull her chubby little legs into standing positions, she reaches for the next nearest, braving herself to let go and.......sit again when balance is interrupted.

It's heart wrenching and endearing. Sad and exciting. And just as precious with four as it was with one. If I wasn't an attached parent I'd have no choice, this babe is attached to me. And though sometimes I'd like a little bit of a break, it's flattering to know no one else will do, as I do.

I can't help but let my mind wander into thinking about her possibly being our last. Some moments there are too many little bodies for me to care for, others not enough. Would I be content with the blessing of just four? Yes.....right now we are content, but I can't hold on to these moments and time forever. Time is stealing them from me with every methodical tick.

Her slapping palms on the wood floor ring out to me, she stops and smiles, the little dimple on one side, and keeps on to her unknown destination.....slap....slap.......slap.

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