Friday, November 26, 2010

Did you Survive?

We did and we had a blast! We had a house full of friends and family, way too much amazing food and desserts and lot of little kids running around entertaining each other. Of course being the head chef, I didn't get photos of the people, but I was able to snap a few of the decorations and such.

 The stretch of tables that ran all the way through the house, after over 20 people ate we hardly left a dent in the food!
 I tried my hand at a few fun and edible decorations....okay so my fruit gobbler looks more like a duck.....
 This pizza dough cornucopia took only 20 minutes to make, so fun! I"ll be doing this again!
 Very tasty little pilgrim hats! The kids and I had fun making them Thanksgiving morning, found the idea on my new favorite site Familyfun.com
 Probably the most fun I had planning and prepping was in the decorating. I was so blessed this year to have been in my parents house which was incredible for entertaining, it's huge! But also my Mom left all sorts of fun thing for me to gather from around the house from candles to faux fall leaves. I think I may have spent a total of maybe $6 to decorate everything!
 I found some great {and totally FREE} printables from Craftily Ever After
 I tried to make the kids table a little special this year, the kids had some candy to snack on and some coloring sheets.

The food was amazing. My husband tried out his new smoker and made a Kiawe Turkey, Gina brought homemade Green Bean casserole that I'm still nibbling on, the "red stuff" (a jello dessert tradition for us) as well as all the usual yumminess.

Most of all was the incredible spirit of the whole day. I love watching kids go flitting by, people munching in Santa Fe Hot dip, men shouting over football and new friends being made through memories.

I can't wait to do it all again next on to Christmas!


  1. What fun creative ideas! I love love that pizza dough cornucopia! Family time truly is the best!

  2. Amazing child of mine that you are....I am so proud : )

  3. Missed you though Momma, had to fill the house to try and cover the emptiness of our Thanksgiving without you.....but I'm glad you were with family!



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