Monday, November 29, 2010

I see it as flexible

What I am most grateful for today, as I sit in this completely trashed house, is the power and permission to say NO.

No we will NOT start up schooling with 3 sick little kids, a tired Mom, and a disheveled house. To some that may seem irresponsible.

I see it as flexible.

Instead of trying to cram learning in through snotty noses and hacking coughs, getting desks and books in order, clearing counters, locating my pencil bag with all my color coded goodness {MIA at the moment}. Yes instead of all that, we'll switch up our schedule.

Read wrapped in blankets, nurturing fevers. Crowd by the computer watching videos on animals. Try our hand at making some homemade goodies to give as gifts for Christmas. Whip the house back into shape maybe.

And thank God for this amazing opportunity to be with my kids, this crazy thing called Homeschooling. As stressful as it can be and very well is at times, it's the neatest thing ever.

It's where we are, and where I pray God keeps us in the future.

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