Friday, November 5, 2010

Moby Review

I admit, this was my first wrap experience......and I loved it.

After making and selling all sorts of baby carriers, the wrap was one that I was still intrigued about. To be honest it looked complicated, it looked hot, it looked claustrophobic! In reality it's non of those things.

When I first received the Almond Blossoms Moby with UV protection to review, I was excited to try it out, though a little nervous! Even an experienced babywearer, looking at the book (I literally mean book!) that came with the carrier I had my fears! As I flipped through the booklet I really really liked what I saw!

Moby shows step by step details about every position you can wear your baby and toddler in {8 holds in all}! Including breastfeeding and twin holds! There are so many carriers that advertise those two specific holds but few explain them in detail, and showing a precious mom breastfeeding!! I was very impressed and pleased to find this info in the first few pages of the booklet! I'll go on to say that Moby also has a wrap called Best for Babes promoting and supporting breastfeeding!The booklet also included tips on baby massage while wearing the Moby as well as safe exercise positions!

So what about the complicated, hot and claustrophobic? I tried the Moby for a good 6 weeks, my goal is to give an honest review of the product.Within that time I like to use the product in different occasions, weather, situations. I was able to use the Moby on both Liora (3-5 months) and Gracia (2 years/30 pounds) My real opinion?

The Pros:
  • It feels wonderful! The material is amazing and soft, it molds to your body and the baby! My back doesn't get sore from extended wearing!
  • Every position was comfortable and easy to put Liora into and out of, with basically no practice!
  • It's not hard to put the carrier on. It takes between 30 seconds to 1 minute to put the wrap on after only a few tries. It's not at all complicated! There is one basic way to wear the wrap, and an additional sling hold (which is SO cool!! and awesome for toddlers who want to hip carry!)
  • Because of it's stretch, there is very little adjusting to the carrier once the baby is in. I didn't find I wanted things tightened or loosened.
  • It is very secure and safe. Once baby is in the sling, even Cartwheels and trampolines couldn't shake her out of there (although not recommended~please don't try that at home!)
  • The wrap offers a comfortable breastfeeding hold and doubles as a cover up for modesty while you nurse!
  • It can double as a blanket, nursing cover, baby shade, changing pad.......
  • Both Mom and Dad can wear the same wrap! Not all carriers can boast this! It also fits all sizes of men and women!
The Cons:
  • It is bulky to pack into a diaperbag.
  • Putting it on places other than your home (namely outdoors) can be tricky without it hitting the ground, though it is possible.
  • It can get a little warm if you are outside in direct sunlight, otherwise I was extremely comfortable in it!
Over all I was pleased to review the wrap, and still grab it when I'm on the go and at home. And if I've got numerous errands to run, you might even see me pulling through starbucks making a fashion statement sans baby!

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