Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's all about the {tree}

Oh it's that time again. It is. SO quickly it has come again for us to drag box after box out the attic, to scour through our clearance items we gathered post season last year, to set the whole house into full twinkle Christmas mode. But of all the things I went looking for this was our Jesse Tree.

I had only heard about the Jesse Tree for the first time last year and it quickly became our favorite time of the day, and our favorite tradition of the season.

There are many ways to celebrate advent with calendars and socks and cute crafts hiding treats, but the most blessed way is to walk through the line of Jesus, truly unfolding the history and the mystery of His birth and His sacrifice.

We want Christmas to truly be about Christ for our children. Of course the smells and sounds, traditions and gift giving are a part of it all, but the one gift that  truly mattered, the only gift that will carry you on to eternity wrapped and cooing in that little manger. That is the gift that we want our children to think about and celebrate.

So that when the wrapping paper is ripped and crinkled, the toys broken or forgotten about, the food eaten, decorations re-boxed and tucked in dusky hot attics. What is remembered is more than what won't last, what is remembered is truly the greatest gift of all.

The gift of life, of light, of forgiveness and salvation.

The gift of Jesus.

We start tonight, around the dinner table, the Tree in the center waiting for our hearts to tune in.

For more ideas about the Jesse Tree you kind find wonderful resources in  the links below.
The ideas and possibilities are endless!

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