Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm no Super{mom}

If you've travelled with children, whether by boat, car, plane or train, you know how tough it can be. The Lord had mercy on us with this trip to Florida by way of an Angel.

I secretly watch people's expressions as we make our way down the isle, arms full of babies and bags, counting as we go by, hoping there are no seats open behind them. I make an effort to put a real smile on my face, to speak quietly and gently, to show kindness. I am proud of my little family!

I know there are Angels among us, but I was seated next to one on our first flight who was such an encouragement, her words will follow me for years, if not a lifetime.

"Oh you have your hands full!"

        | Yes with such good things.

We sat down and strapped in all the kids, tucked and stashed bags and were settling, when this kind lady leaned over and offered some of the kindest words given by a stranger. She marveled at how well behaved, and happy the kids were, how they obeyed and seemed content, and then reflected that on me. She showered me with encouraging words and observations about how I must really love my children, how they know they are loved and cared for.

She observed that I treated my role as a Mother as an important job, as my children gifts and not a burden, all of which I do, even when I do feel the burden. 

Somehow we got on education, I told her I homeschooled the kids, she told me I was a superwoman.

And though it's a wonderful compliment, it's totally untrue, I told her so. I don't have it all together, nor do I pretend. I fail all the time at those things I find the most important. I lose my temper and fail to show them Grace. Sometimes I want to escape it all and change my name.

But these kinds words were such an encouragement as well as a reminder, to keep striving for what really is important. And though I don't do any of it for what other see or think, it's nice to be encouraged by others at a time that is tough.

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  1. Hello :)

    I am new to your blog. I actually came across your blog today after reading a comment you posted on someone elses blog! The topic was homeschool curriculum! I was wondering why program you used? You mentioned in your comment that you were able to choose Christian based items - which really caught my eye! :)

    I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you about this..I was really interested in what you are using! I have really enjoyed reading through your blog this morning. We are set to fly to Florida in a few months. We are VERY nervous to be traveling with three little girls, but we have been working with them on the correct way to act and such - so hopefully it all goes well. It will be their first flight and I personally do not enjoy flying - but certainly we can do this with many, many prayers!

    Hope to talk to you soon!



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