Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Finds

I love finding great ideas, even more than that I love sharing great ideas. So here a few finds I fell upon over the weekend worth sharing!

I'll be getting this Nativity pack ready for the plan ride in 9 days!
And probably this Christmas pack as well! 

Just Because
Recycled Kitchen There are some pretty fancy Mini kitchens out on the market these days, but this one was too cute not to share!
 Traveling this season? You want to read this Mom's idea for keeping eveyone in fun spirits when traveling gets tough!
These paint stick ornaments are adorable and practically FREE! If you must pay for the sticks, our were .32 at Walmart (that may be cheaper in the mainland) Each stick makes 4 ornaments. The printable is {FREE} follow the tutorial and make your self or others some ornaments for pennies, literally!

Fabulous Freebies
Free Digital Scrapbooking downloads! I have spent a lot of time over at Shabbyprincess this weekend!These are not only great for Scrapbooking, but why not create your very own Christmas or New Year's Photo Card this year! Get them printed up at your local Costco or Photo center, personalized them the way you want them!
 A little disclaimer, this isn't our Christmas Card. In fact the kids are STILL sick and we haven't even gotten to take family photos yet, so we are planning on sending new years cards!

A Challenge
Are you up for it? Head over to Courtney's Blog for a great challenge. Starting this week would be great since the challenge is to take a bubble bath!

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