Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pray for Us!

We are leaving in just a few minutes to make the drive to Kapiolani Women's and Children's Hospital.
During a Dr.'s appointment on Monday the measurements of Liora's head circumference were found to be almost 2 inches larger than the average baby of her age.

Though we are hopeful, there is a chance the large size is due to something called Hydrocephalus or extra fluid surrounding Liora's brain. If that is the case we'll have to discuss other options to relieve the pressure in her little head. 

Developmentally she is right on target, so we are praying her big Noggin is just some extra smarts God put in there for her. Of course if not, we'll coninue to lean on Him for Peace, Grace and guidance. 

We appreciate your prayers today and tomorrow for a possible CT scan!


  1. I will pray for Liora. It is hard being with your kiddos in procedures like that. We had the exact same test for Elliot when he was 5 months old because of his large noggin...but it was as sedated mri. :( So sad. Will be praying...

  2. Tia~ I just read this, and I am going to the throne on your behalf and sweet Liora's. Please keep us updated.

  3. Hey Tia! Praying for you all! Also, a friend of ours in Missouri went through the same thing with her little one, Charlie. You can check out her blog at hopefully it's an encouragement for you! Love you!



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