Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Ministry of Motherhood

I'll admit, some days it doesn't feel like a ministry. Some days I feel dumped on and used, invisible and forgotten. I secretly harbor thoughts of why....why can't I be called to be a missionary to some far off place? why can't I write a book or adopt a child or change the world with an idea.

why am I just a mother waring paths in the house as I go from filling stomachs to laundry to diapers? It doesn't feel special or important. It feels hard, and exhausting, and endless.

This is your mission, this is your ministry.

 He whispers when times get really tough. When my arms are tired of holding a baby while juggling another task. When my back and head ache. When I lose the motivation to even look in the direction of laundry getting out of control. When I wipe the bottom of a child or a pan.

That's how I need to see it. To see it any other way would be a waste. To desire a life other than the one He called me to, wrote out eons before I was dust, would be wrong.

I need to see this life through the spirit, through His eyes, and these....

Romans 8:5
"Those who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires."

For every Mother it's a ministry. A ministry to love, train, teach.

"They need the authentic strength that comes from the true foundation of a biblical world view and a proper understanding of the real Christ who is worthy of their worship.They need an unwavering, internal moral and spiritual compass that will help them weather today's storms and tomorrow's and will guide them for the rest of their lives. They also need to see what real faith looks like when lived day in, day out, so they will have a pattern to follow. The process of providing such gifts to my children is what I've come to think of as the ministry of motherhood. I believe it's central to the calling of anyone God has privileged to bring children into this world." ~ Sally Clarkson, The Ministry of 

So when my tired feet are beating the same patterns and rhythms I do daily, sometime unnoticed. When I'm completing tasks that should be featured on "Dirtiest Jobs", when I just don't want to go anymore. It's then, I need to walk with the Spirit, listen the that still voice reminding me of my ministry, and carry on in His strength.

Mom on a Mission.

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  1. I love the quote you found regarding the "the ministry of motherhood" I have never heard it worded that way before! Wow! That is what we all are trying to accomplish - it just gave us a great label for what we are doing. Great post! Thank you!!



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