Saturday, December 11, 2010


First of all I cannot express my gratitude for those of you who prayed for us this week. It's been quite the roller coaster, but through it all we have clearly felt God's hand and peace on us.

There is really nothing like hearing there may be (or IS) something "wrong", "not normal", etc with your little babe. About 18 months ago we were in a similar situation with Jonah and his brain infection. At the feet and Mercy of God and he was gracious. He healed our Jonah faster than anyone expected. We believe those of you who prayed, who laid his name down at the throne of God had everything to do with that.

This week it was Liora there was concern about. I took her in to make sure the cold she had was not in her lungs, and for her 6 month check up. To my surprise the visit took a much more serious, drastic turn. All of a sudden I was in the parking lot, sobbing, trying to relay to Dave what the Doctor had said. I was in shock.

I came home and instantly plugged myself into google, which can be good and bad. Trying to find out about Hydrocephalus. Her Dr was pretty adamant something wasn't right.

When we had her Ultrasound and talked to the radiologist, our fears weren't completely dissipated. He said her ventricles were enlarged a little (more than average), she did have a little extra fluid, but not enough for a diagnosis or treatment. He also didn't see any reason for the enlargement from tumors or anything. He recommended we keep an eye on her head size and development. To me that was saying for us to wait until she was brain damaged and then come back in for more testing. NOT good enough for my fears to be relieved at all. But he said we didn't need the CT scan. I was not convinced.

I called our Pediatrician as soon as we left and many times this morning. We couldn't reach the Dr, we were given the run around and finally we left messages in 2 different places. Dave had stayed home from school thinking we might have to go in anyway. So we headed out to do a little shopping for some last minute things for the trip in 4 days. While Dave and the kids were eating lunch and I was shopping alone (Mommy needed a break!!!) I get a call from our Pediatrician. He basically said, "Her head shape is not normal, there IS something wrong and we need to find out what. How quickly can you get down to the hospital." This time the diagnosis being her scull was prematurely fusing. So we literally headed down there immediately, and you know. God worked it all out.

Had we done it earlier, she would have had to have been sedated. But she was exhausted and was wanting to be nursed when I left the store. She was SO mad and crying the whole way down there (which was heart wrenching) but, when we got to radiology, I checked in and nursed her right to sleep. Not only that, she was so out that I put her right on the table, they scanned her, I picked her back up and she was still asleep. Within minutes the radiologist and our DR. were looking at the scans, he called us and said she was fine! Hopefully her head just had a little growth spurt and the rest of her will catch up.

There is still concern with the extra fluid, but it could be very normal for her, and right now it poses no risk for her.

We praise GOD for her life and her health and for the blessing we have in everyone involoved in supporting us during this time.

You really find out who your prayer warriors are! And we are blessed to repay the favor any time any place.


  1. Oh,praise God! I have just been in tears thinking of your sweet girl. I will continue to pray for God's hands of protection on her and that indeed nothing would come of the extra fluid. I am sure you are kissing her extra long today. Thanks for the reminder to hold on to my own precious children. We truly do not know what tomorrow holds....



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