Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Real Reason we Homeschool

Sure, we Homeschool for many of the same reasons other Christian parents do. To monitor learning, or specialize learning, to provide our kids with a strong foundation in a God-centered learning atmosphere.....

Slowly God has been showing my that my venture in Homeschooling is not all about them, it's a lot about me.

He's teaching my about being flexible. When things need to change, or days aren't going as planned.

He's teaching me about change, to step out of my own comfort zone and into HIS zone.

He's teaching me about patience, with myself as well as with my children.

He's teaching me about organization and being orderly, becoming more Christlike and less chaotic!

He's teaching me about letting go of perfectionist ideals of how my home should be and the school day should run.

He's teaching me about giving of myself, when I really don't want to, past the points where I think I can.

He's teaching me about trusting Him, in the smallest of things and the grandest.

Homeschooling is about them, it is about teaching and learning and sacrifice for them, but I'm realizing just how much it's about me as well. God doesn't have me in this role just for them, He's growing me up as well.


  1. Love this perspective! It's true, isn't it? I need to focus more on what God is trying to do in me while I'm helping do His work in them.

    Angela Ogden Dephouse

  2. Amen Tia! I'd say that goes for any SAHM too!



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