Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In complete honesty, most days I feel unimportant and often invisible. My job is relatively mundane, it has few perks and little or no recognition and for the most I am okay with that. But every once in a while discontentment sneaks in. Not with my role as a mother or a keeper of the home, but for some reason I want to be important to others.

I want to write fabulous blog posts to make everyone ponder deeply, write my own delectable recipes to   amaze all at my baking and cooking skills, I want to create things that are beautiful and teach everyone how to this or that, or write my own curriculum so you too can download a piece of me, snap artistic photographs, decorate my home on pennies and creativity, give reviews of my oh-so-important opinion and giveaways of the coolest finds.

In reality, I'm not that important or creative. My creative energy is spent on deciding what we are eating everyday and how to occupy the kids time to keep them from making bigger messes than I can't keep up with.I adapt curriculum to include a craft to Math or make something interesting for the bored. I get all my recipes from the internet or cooking books, decorating tips~I don't have, I take mediocre photos when I remember my camera (and I love photoshop) and really what do I know about this or that....

But what the baby wakes in the middle of the night, I become important in a way no one else is.

When a certain 2 year old wants a round of goodnight kisses and giggles or a book read one.more.time, I become important.

When Jonah wants to have a special talk (sometimes code for can I stay up late?) I become important.

When my artist needs encouragement, paint, or an art showing, I am important.

And even though I'm not cooking for royalty, there would be 9 hungry people around here if I didn't chop and simmer each day, those stolen recipes written by someone who knows what they are doing.

The world really doesn't care about me, my opinions,thoughts, my creative ideas. But in my everyday life I mean the world to those who really make me important.


  1. and you are important to those of us far away who sometimes just need to hear an uplifting and encouraging word - to know that someone *understands* what they are going through and can say just the right thing not only as a biological sister - but as a sister in Him. I love you Tia!

  2. Sometimes we see with eyes blinded by the ordinary, the daily, never really seeing who we are in other's eyes. You do not see how wonderful you really are but others do...we know the truth of you and you are talented, gifted and so very important. And loved beyond measure.

  3. Hi Tia! I love reading your blog! It is always an encouragement to me....even if I don't always comment. We love you and miss you much!



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