Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Blog??? Or Just Crazy!

As if I have time to manage another blog right?......

The thing is, this blog was supposed to be filled with updates of my family for my family. And it has turned into something else. So much so I don't even really update about the kiddos anymore! And there is so much to tell as you can imagine with 4 incredibly wonderful kids.....ahem. No really they are wonderful.

However, I have been thinking a lot lately about what my passion is right now, and as much as that changes often, my passion has always been  teaching.

From the time I was young, dumpster diving at the school up the road, digging out text books and workbooks and forcing my younger siblings to "play school" in the summer {though I am pretty sure I wasn't playing and actually dolled out homework}.......I have loved teaching.

Everything teaching from lesson planning to bulletin board making to file folder game creating to meandering around the teacher store from time to time {even when I wasn't teaching}.

So I don't know. I'm kicking around the idea. I know technically I can combine the two blogs, but they are so different. And I do want to keep this as the true home of the Hawaiian that I have more family away than ever.....(boo face).....

I was asked to do a curriculum review, and truly I would love to do that more often....I love curriculum.......looooooveeeeeeee it.

Even my kids know it~ and I quote Jonah, "Hey Pastor Frank, my Mom has this really cool Christian Curriculum!" What 6 year old talks about that? and calls it cool?

So.....just thinking about it, but would you follow? Would you become a fan? Would you trust me to give an honest opinion and come here for fun ideas? Just a little pole, but what do you say??

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