Monday, April 13, 2009

Ellie's 3rd Birthday

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

This is my Ellie. I know there are a lot of photos to look at, it's hard to choose when your baby girl is growing too quickly into an adorable little girl! It's been a wild ride these 3 years. I can say with assurance that having Ellie has changed my life, my heart, my mind. I struggled after she was born with PPD but we are troopers and we made it through, not without a lot of help!

Having Ellie has brought some of the most frustrating moments as a mother as well as the sweetest most precious moments. This little girl has a personality unlike anyone of earth. She is the sweetest, cutest, most spunky and most stubborn girl you'll meet. A little jokester and clown, even at an early age she was messing with Jonah, and she hasn't stopped, it's only gotten worse! She loves to laugh, and make others laugh. She's also a sweet little Momma herself and loves to take care of others. Her imagination is so huge it astounds me to watch her play pretend as she names the family of airplanes, or animals or dolls.....and her love of books reflects my own. Late at night we can hear her through the baby monitor reading to herself all the books she's piled in her bed. or often we find her sprawled out on our bed with books surrounding her, the little sleeping princess in the middle of it all.

She is a girlie girl who loves being the princess and ballerina as well as the tough girl out playing with the boys, pumping those skrawny little legs to keep up. She loves skirts and dresses....and being naked. She is a cuddler and a sweet marshmellow that just melts into you when you hold her. A firecracker when she's lit up and excited. Her energy is practically endless, until she collapses into a sugary snoring pile when she need a recharge. She can bat those long dark eyelashes and cock her head in a way that will make you hand over your entire heart. She runs like Phoebe in friends and sings with the vabrato of an opera singer.

She is my Elliett Anne.

My life would never be the same without her.

Happy Birthday Princess!

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