Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

  • knitting fancy

    So this is all i've felt like doing lately even though I can't touch the needles until 9 at night! So I work slowly....

    This became........

    This little skirtie soaker

    Orange and sorbet stripes

    I am a mess lately. I've got emotions coming out the wazoo. I am overwhelmed, exhausted, BEHIND, my house is a serious wreck, unmotivated and lazy, sad that my little 10 month old is walking instead of crawling these days and leaving the baby stages behind her more each day, wanting another baby even though the above emotions speak for themselves! I feel so......complicated lately!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Fun and Catepillars

Belated Easter photos are here...the first half of them anyway. Always a little behind of course but hey, better than not at all! Last Wed. all the kiddos dyed their easter eggs and made quite a mess and had even more fun....

We dyed, we painted, we glitterized.....yes that is a word!

cousins working side by side

Bella made some beautiful eggs dipped in all 10 cups of dye!

Jonah was very planned and artistic about it

They all made their share of the mess!

That is art in itself!!

This only lasted a few days.....

So very colorful!

Guess what I got for my birthday??? Well I got a bike from Dave so now I can hook up the trailer to the kids and take a ride to the beach or around the block which is great for my mind, my heart AND my butt.....and.....

my friend Pua gave us these......

Monarch Caterpillars! I LOVE butterflys.....always have and have never had the experience of watching all 4 stages of it's life! So this interesting for all of us! Yesterday we borrowed some books from the Library on Monarchs and other Butterflies and we are all learning a LOT...funny it fit in perfectly with our "Insect" theme we are working on now! We've now got 2 Crisali hanging from the Bugville home! I'll try to take a few photos of those as well!

This Saturday we are going to Muanalua Gardens to catch Tadpoles and watch them grow into frogs! Yipeeee!


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