Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend update

Monday, April 20, 2009

We've got a butterfly, a pupa and 2 caterpillars!

Ellie was the first to find her this morning and came upstairs over joyed with the discovery! I can't believe how wonderful this experience is for the little ones AND for myself. I've never seen the transformation before!

Now we need to go on a walk and find some flowers so she can eat!

And we found 2 tadpoles this weekend, though only one made it home with us.....many photos and more stories about that to follow!

Weekend update:

Wow.....I'm not sure we've had such a busy weekend in a long long time. Every weekend is jam-packed but this one was particularly filled! Friday evening we rode our bikes down to the beach, kids in tow and had a wonderful few hours playing in the shore break.

I had a moment here and there to snap a few photos.....

The tide was very low leaning lots of rocks and tide pools to explore

This baby made it all the way to the shore with no help from anyone!

Out of all 3 babies she loves the water the most, even more than Jonah I think!

And eating sand is always a treat!

SO sweet to see 2 sisters together

My little firecracker enjoying herself!

I made a quick attempt at all of them in one photo....someone was ready to go home!

The love these two share is amazing, they are the best of friends right now!

Uh oh! We're tipping!

The sound of their laughter fills my heart with such joy!

Then Saturday we started the day off searching for tadpoles in Moanaloa stream. What a beautiful day and a beautiful park, we had the best time, even with the mosquito bites.....
I don't know if Pua knows this yet but she's my new best friend. We get along so well and she is so easy to talk to. We have the same faith and goals for raising our children and providing them with tons of great memories and experiences! I love her to death....she's been a good friend I've been praying for for quite a while now....

Me, Gracia, Pua, Phoebe, Jonah and Ellie looking at the Koy fish!

I borrowd the nets from out "Elefun" game, they worked perfectly!

Such a beautiful view of the Pagoda, the arching bamboo and the bridge....

We also had a softball game to go to for one of our Youth group kids, Gymnastics and then Dave's softball game for the Church league....phew, a super busy day!

Sunday we had the privelegde of going to luch with Pua, Carlos and Phoebe and the we met an AMAZING family. If you are interested they have tons of music videos on youtube... if you look up the Ron Artis Family Band, I'll try to find a link when I have more time. They have 11 kids, and are raising them in a very artistic musical, homeschooled, ministry setting. They are all so talented, they all play a number of instruments and write their own music. IT was such a blessing to be around a family who has the same values as we do and have the kids enjoy being kids, playing outdoors and making up their own kids and being surrounded by a family that genuinly loves each other. There was no fighting, no problems taking turns or sharing. They were all so kind and full of joy. It was wonderful!

And finally the new addition to our little family.....drying her wings as we speak.....

The kids have named her Joy.......

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