Monday, April 6, 2009

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Skirtie Soaker

So cute! I loved making this even though it took me a while! I can't wait to start on the pink and purple hand dyed wool I have as well! I'll do it in a different style skirt with the same soaker underneath. And the undyed worsted wool came for some kool aide fun experiments!

I just gotta make the icord.....

Some funny Ellie and Jonah isms....

Ellie brings me pencils and says, "Mom can you sharpenate these?"
Me gigling, "Sure!"
Ellie: "I'll go find the sharpenator!"

Jonah tried to pull an April Fool's day prank on us, he said he was going to poop in his pants, APRIL FOOLS! Then he went to whisper in Ellie's ear to get her to say the same thing except hers cam out...."You are going to poop in your pants....APRIL FOOLS!" We had a good morning laugh!

I can't believe my little Ellie is going to be 3 next week! I found a super super cute Birthday Cake I am going to LOOKS easy.....HA!

It's ice cream cones dipped in white and pick chocolate and marshmellows! I think I am going to try homemade fondant as's so much yummier than the other stuff! Monday night madness here I come!

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