Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Little Gymnasts

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Little Gymnast

I signed Ellie and Jonah up for Gymnastics recently. Yes both of them. It all started when Lisa signed up Bella.....your kids can take a free class and of course both Jonah and Ellie loved it. At this age it is a really fun obstacle course and I thought some great practice for different gross motor skills. Dave wasn't too thrilled about Jonah taking Gymnastics, but we won him over. Besides the deal is he only gets to take it until Soccer season starts and then Jonah will get to be in Soccer and Ellie in Gymnastics. Once Ellie gets old enough for Ballet I'll have a whole new battle to wage, as Dave is very opposed to her being in Ballet. But i've got time to work on him.

I have many reasons actually for getting them involved in Gymnastics. Socially I think it's great for them to learn to be around other kids, learn to interact and make friends. It's wonderful for following directions, copying and listening skills. And Gross motor activities as well....and it's just plain FUN! There is a rope wall and a rock wall, uneven bars, balance beams, a trampolene, hula hoops, and all sorts of other fun gadgets! Both of them love it so much. And overall that is the most important factor at this age. I do want them to have some activities outside the home that are theirs to enjoy and experience. April has been the first month they are taking classes and they are only once a week so far (though you can have them in up to 6 times a week!) Once Jonah starts soccer I think I will use the money for Jonah's lessons and let Ellie take 2 classes a week. And let me tell you for the money it costs for the classes it's worth the amount of giggles I get from watching them! It is so adorable and funny to see them attempt new things.

I was only able to get some good shots of Ellie this last week, I'll work on Jonah and Bella this coming Saturday. It's hard to get some of the photos because of all of the equipment they have to learn on!

Balancing a star on her head across the Balance Beam

Stepping over the cones

Bear walking!

Stretching out time

Through the tunnel!

More Balance Beam

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