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Friday, April 03, 2009

Children's Discovery Center.....

in three letters....W.O.W.

Let me just say I have no idea how I hadn't heard of this Center in the last 5 years. Really. I've been to Expo's, I've looked online for things to do. Until a few weeks ago I had never heard of this amazing, fun, imaginative, exhausting place! To tell you the truth, after looking online I was a little skeptical, could it REALLY be as neat and exciting as the website indicated. TO answer that in a short and complete sentence. YES.

We arrived at about 10am and stayed until closing at 1pm, and had we the chance we would have stayed longer. With 3 levels and tons and tons of interactive things for the kids to do, it was impossible to see and experience the entire center in one visit, but we tried anyway!

The bottom level leads you directly into a big "You". You can actually climb into a stomach, complete with digesting food and bile, and then slide on out. A huge mouth with light up teeth is in another area, displays and activities on the heart, brain and lungs surround the area. Then it's on to the You Town.....there are a ton of areas and rooms that are converted into places you'd find in the comunity, the bank, Police Station, Fire Dept, (Ellie's favorite) the grocery store with little carts and food you can shop for! A stage complete with a lighting booth, sound effects and costumes ( thank goodness they left out the make up!) It just went on and on! Jonah's favorite spot was the mechanics corner where you could roll under a car and work on it, change a tire, add some fluids. Seriously awesome! Every area had costumes to help you play the part and things to play with!

Upstairs there was an airplane, a ship, an ocean playground where you could become a sea animal and see your self on TV! Then the 3rd level had different cultures. The kids loved the Chinese are with noodles, a Dragon to play with, costumes to wear. It is just filled with endless exploring, imaginitive play, and FUN! It made me want to be a kid again and play right along with them! The areas are so well designed and layed out, we had an easy time keeping 4 crazy kids (I had Gracia in a sling) together for the most part.

The worst part was my camera battery died soon after we go there, so there are limited photos....but here is a peak at the fun we had!

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