Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preparing for the Baby Expo

We are heading into the last week before the May Baby Expo and with that comes excitement, exhaustion, hard work and late nights! We started out only sewing and selling Ring slings. We learned so much that first time around! Our display was a mess! We were nervous and excited and a little over prepared with a cash register! But we had a ball and did really well. Each time around we change things up a bit, improve on techniques, change the display to make it more buyer friendly.

The week leading up to the Expo (which happens to be this week) is always super stressful. And with 3 kids it's not easy to get things done! But somehow we always manage, and somehow we have the energy and excitement needed to make it through a long weekend!

Last Expo we added Baby Quilts made using the scraps from the slings, as well as burp cloths. They did okay, I was more proud to have mad things to sell spending little or no extra money!

This time we are adding a few more baby items as well! I've been making Nursing covers, for which we've been asked A LOT if we made them. As well as Diaper Clutches. Both are relatively simple to make and again I have spent little or not money on the supplies to finish them up. It's always fun for me to see what I can come up with using the huge stash of left over fabric I have! And of course the possibility of helping someone find something they want or need as well as making any extra income to support our growing family is always a huge plus as well.

As a side project I've also been making Korker Hair bows as well as little Boutique style bows. I love making them for all the girls in my life and haven't seen them at the Expos so far so I thought I would try my hand at those as well....hey why not. When the creative juices flow watch out!

As usual my hope is that all the time, money and effort spent working on all of these things end up more than worth it in the end.

There are some special moments that I look forward each time we do an Expo. One is helping someone use a sling for the first time and seeing their face when they find out how comfortable, easy to use and handy it is! Most people think it's hard to get used to and just aren't sure about it. I also love connecting with other parents and chatting about parenthood and experiences is, it makes you feel a lot less alone on the journey! And of course my all time favorite times are when a parent comes up either wearing our sling, or to buy another one for themselves or a friend! I love that! It makes it worth it knowing that our product and hard work makes people happy! Of course there are times that the sling just isn't for someone. But that makes the sweet moments all the more sugary sweet!

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