Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bucket Farming 2009

I know I haven't said much about our adventures in Bucket Farming but.....we've been at it still! I have really been enjoying watching things grow! We were able to have a salad fresh from the garden one night with dinner and it was delicious! The kids are actually a big help and are just as excited as I am to plant new things and check on everything.

I really love this way of gardening because it's so portable! I love being able to take the whole planting where ever it needs sun! And when the angle and position of the sun changes so can our garden! Right now we have Lettuce, Spinach, carrots, corn, tomatoes, peas, watermelon and strawberries planted. We'll try Broccoli again when I get some more dirt!

Today we spent school time learning about bugs that are eating our tomato plant. It took a while to find out what it was but we discovered they are called "Leafminers" and we learned about what they do to the plant and how they destroy it. We then took our magnifying glasses out to the plant and were able to find the Larve, and even saw a male and female Leafminer flying around the plant! They are so so tiny so magnifying glasses were a must! It was exciting to actually identify the problem and then be able to go out and find exactly what we had read about! I looked up some organic pesticide recipes and found that lots of insects hate garlic so i'll be blending up a batch of garlic pesticide and having the kids spray it on the plants to help with our intrudors.

It's been so fun and so educational to grow these different things! I am looking forward especially to the harvest of strawberries due in early July!

Recycled old paint buckets curtosey of Daddy!

We've got some berries already forming on there as well!

Just coming along.....

Yummy yummy! Some of this can already by harvested!

Very much looking forward to some sweet corn!

Nothing much going on for the rest of the day.....Laundry, lunch, mailing some packages and knitting!

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