Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So blogging has been a little dead lately...I know. My comments are at an all-time low and really with everything else going on in my life AND yours...well posting daily is almost not possible! It's just not as high a priority for me. Though it should be, I use it as a way to look back over the years at what we've been up to!

I still want to write everyday but it feels so mundane and monotonous to talk about the same things all the time!

(as i type this I just witnessed a huge spider get eaten by a gecko......GO GECKO!~ not to be confused with Geiko....)

Anyway, I have such a desire to get back in shape and healthy. Now that my thyroid meds have been upped I've lost a few pounds just from watching what I am eating! Yay! I so want to make a new Mei Tai (I'm too cheap to buy one of course!) so I can have Gracia in it for some extra calorie burn! Taking walks with the kids is great when they are on wheels and I am on foot!

But before all that I still have sling orders to fill now that I've gotten my new rings in (there was a problem with some of the rings we bought a few months ago fading and losing their color) and I've got some major packages to mail out that are long overdue! I also have some sling orders from the Expo to fill and another order from one of the stores we have our slings in. Tomorrow the kid and I are taking a field trip to the North Shore.....hmmmm maybe we'll go to the beach while we are there! Brave Momma! We'll see!

I need to post about the Expo itself! We did 'okay' we made money and connections which is always the important part no matter what. I was excited to sell some Baby Quilts, all my burp cloths, tons of Breastfeeding covers and diaper clutches! But I don't think the Boutique hair bows have hit the Islands yet! I only sold 5! (okay 11 if you count the 6 my Mom bought out of pity!) Seriously trends are sometimes slow to get here. So I will post what I have on either etsy or ebay....cause Ellie and Gracia don't really need 100 hair bows.....or do they now.......

And I need to say a word of HUGE thanks to my parents and my sister......They took all 3 kids Friday so we could set up and then kept Jonah and Ellie overnight Friday and ALL day Saturday then overnight Saturday and ALL day Sunday.......AND they were all sick! It's no easy thing to watch a 4 year old and 2 3 year olds that go go go constantly!

My Mom and sister then brought the kids to the Expo for a while and the girls got to pick out these......

It's a case you were wondering. She's hoplessly addicted to it!

I'll get some other fun shots another day when she's awake. I found her this way right before lunch....such a sweet tuckered out little ballerina.


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