Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Solo Beach Trip

I did it, I actually took the kids to the beach by myself. Haven't tried that in a while, since Gracia was not mobile anyway! I had to deliver some slings to the North Shore and run to look for some fabric for slings that were ordered during the Expo so I thought why not take the kids to the Beach after such a long drive??? (Well for us 45 minutes to an hour is a long drive!)

Once we got to the Growing Keiki (the store that sells our slings) we all piled out and I chatted with the owner for a while. She asked if I could make some blankets for her and showed me what she was looking for which is great because they are SO easy! And she adored Ellie's little dress she was wearing and was interested in some of those as well....even though I hadn't thought of selling them they are pretty easy to make! SO we'll see! She bought 8 slings instead of her usual 6 so that was nice. She's been really great to us and sells the slings like hotcakes!

We stopped at the beach for abut 2 hours and had a blast. The kids LOVE the beach and if it hadn't been getting late we would have stayed even longer! I've never had a baby that loved the water as much as Gracia, and for those of you who know how much Jonah loves the water that is saying a lot! We got to the beach and she was all smiles and squealing and giggling with delight and excitement!

If you don't watch carefully she'll start making her way down to the shore!

Proof we were all there together! I was using the timer and even Gracia knew what to do! Look at her smiling and all!

After a few shots she was ready to get in the water!

Best Buddies...these two are so funny together, of course they fight too but their love for each other is like no other!

And look who got her little ears pierced!! So adorable! I made this dress oh....a few summers ago and it was just huge on her, I'm glad I remembered it before she grows out of it!

Then on the way home we stopped and got Shave Ice...that was the trickiest part of all, trying to get 3 kids and 3 shave ice to the car and get everyone settled without spilling them! Oh so delicious!

Then I stayed up late making a Mei Tai...I had tried before but this time did a little research and took my time to make one I really like. I really like Baby Hawk style but $80 I have I spent a few hours and no money (I used scraps of what I have here) and made my own! It's quite cute and works well. I wanted one for taking walks with the kids and for hiking this summer. I plan on doing a lot of that! I'll photo that later, I losta camera battery somehow and have to wait for my only one to charge!


  1. Would love to see a picture of the mei tai. The kids are so big. Can't believe Gracia is on her feet!!!



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