Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The longest 2 weeks of my LIFE....

Okay after that heart warming lovely post of the thoughts and honor of Motherhood.....I am now in the middle of week 2 of having a sick family...and it is rough! It started last Saturday night with some high HIGH fevers...then the runny noses and the coughs...then this Friday night my sister tried to take Jonah and Ellie so we could have a Saturday to work on the slings and such.....we started getting the call at about 3am.....my sister had dealt with the writhing and crying for hours before even resorting to call us! She is amazing (have I mentioned that? Probably not enough...) Anyway Dave head out about 4am to get him, he was in PAIN....of course we got him an appointment and he had the beginnings of an ear infection but also a sinus infection....so we got him meds for that. His ears are plugged, both of them. I keep trying to have converstations with him and forget he can't hear well. He just keeps yelling, "WHAT????" I should snap a photo of him in front to the TV with the volume ALL the way up.....I may be deaf by the time his ears clear up.....

Now Ellie is completely miserable with ear pain...we've tried everything though she doesn't seem to be in quite the same amount of pain as Jonah was so we haven't taken her to the Doc...ear infections clear up on their own in about the same amount of time and don't help with the pain so if we can make her comfy I'd rather not do the anti's.....anyway. As you can imagine we are such a loving and sharing family that poor Gracia is really sick as well. Hearing her cough is so heartwrenching!

And Sunday Dave went down for the count. God has spared me so far. I am praying for His protections so I can continue to take care of everyone and work on the EXPO projects! Oh what a week...no 2 weeks! I hate having kids miserable and in pain. There is only so much you can do for them! I have been trying the trick of distraction but that only works for so long! We've been watching a lot of movies and "Super Why" lately....and playing games......no schooling (or activites) they just don't feel up to it!

So out of this I was laying in bed troking Ellie's little head of hair last night and thinking....and came up with an awesome idea....of course it's awesome to me right???? So I ran downstairs and told Dave about it and he said it sounded like an excellent idea...I quicly googled my idea and guess what??? It doesn't exist!!!! That's a good thing! No one has made them or thought of them! How fun! Now I don't think this is a million dollar idea, but I think other Mom's would like these, and it really helped the kids feel better....that's all the hint I'm giving you until I complete my masterpiece! I'm pretty excited and even had to do a quick sketch so I wouldn't forget! Yes.....I'm a goon.....

Of course if any members of my prayer team are still around in this ghost town we used to call xanga you know I'd appreciate your prayers for the rest of the week as well as during the EXPO this Saturday and Sunday......it's gonna be a long long week and it's only Tuesday! I've still got some work on the slings to do....and I decided to try a few nursing covers which are really easy and quick to make and I had 99% of the things I needed to make them. And some diaper clutches as well. Simple ones with more of the fabric I in my extra bin. And then the bows of course....how could I not try out a few of those! They are so fun and in all the Expos' we've been to only once have I seen someone with them and that was about 2 years ago so....hopefully we'll be the only one this time!

Korkers! I found some Disney Princess and Tinker Bell Bottle caps to put in the middle of some of them....So cute!

This is as fancy as I'm getting this time.....cute but simple.....


  1. Sorry sounds awful. I pray you all get well! Will pray for the Expo now!!! I thought about the idea journal actually, but most stuff is online. I keep adding favorites...it would be better to have it on paper....maybe I should print stuff out...we'll see what I come up with...I have skirts (for me) on the mind right now.

  2. Hey! I never put two and two together to realize that you had a blog on blogger! Silly me... Welcome and hooray! :)




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