Saturday, July 17, 2010

Closing up Shop {for a bit}

We stared making slings 4 years ago with the birth of Ellie, our oldest daughter. I remember seeing another Blogging mom wearing her baby and I was amazed! I leaned in close to the computer screen with my mouth wide open, just staring. What was that thing???? Of course I asked her, it was a sling! I was a new mom, I had a Bjorn but it wasn't as comfortable as I had hoped.......oh I needed a sling!

After googling and searching I saw that slings were not only gaining popularity but they were.....expensive! Something I definitely could not afford. But being the crafty art major I was I again started searching the internet for instructions on how to make them. I found them easily enough and that very day I was a the store buying fabric for my very first sling. That is how the ride began.

It took months before we had what we thought was a great product. I had tried pleated shoulders, unlined, lined, flannel, cotton, closed tails, open tails, new folds around the shoulders, steel rings, aluminum rings, adding toy tags and inseam pockets. It was an adventure, and I loved it. I still do.

In lean financial times God provided a way for our family. We had the privilege of meeting tons of parents, inviting them into the world of baby wearing and sending them away with what we thought was a stellar product. We were proud of our work done late at night when everyone else was sleeping! We had fun picking out new fabrics and trying out new ones for ourselves. We were proud to be a small business at the Big Baby Expo, born out of necessity, grown in love.

But sometimes in life we have to make hard decisions....heart decisions. The idea of closing up shop has been lingering for over a year now, maybe even longer. I am so hard headed I didn't want to believe that closing the business and shutting down the website was even an option. It wasn't something I was ready for. But sometimes when you hold onto something and continue for it to be a burden and a stress, well it turns into being a huge negative mentally, physically and for me even spiritually.

Life has seasons, and though my babywearing season is far from over, my sling making season needs to be on pause. I can't say I'll never make another sling (especially for gifts AND myself!) but to try and run a business, care for a family, homeschool and serve in Ministries at's all too much. So after much prayer, muh sadness and even tears, we've decided to pack it up for a while.

Now while it's sad for us, it may turn out to be a great deal for some of you! If you are looking for a sling to buy OR make. I've decided to sell off the slings I have made and packed at our wholesale price, and to sell sling making kits as well. The kits will include the top material cut and ready to go, the rings, toy tags and instructions for sewing. You provide the liner of your choice! I might even go as far as to sell some fat Quarters of my material because boy do I have a LOT!

Here are some links to the website highlighting all the deals for anyone interested.

Keiki Kuddlerz

Let me know if you have any questions and don't forget to check back, I'll be adding already made slings as well as kits and fat quarts as I locate the images in my computer! If you see a material you'd like in fat quarters but not a kit, please contact me at:: and I'll let you know what I've got available!

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  1. I don't know if you still check your comments or if you've gotten any of my emails...
    I totally understand the need to "close shop" for a while in the busyness of church and family...been there, done that, in different venues!
    BUT, I ordered a sling in early September, paid for it through paypal, and still haven't rec'd my sling. PLEASE either arrange for paypal to credit me back or send me my sling! Thanks!



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