Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Story of Easter by Gwen Ellis

I received my first book from Book Sneeze.....okay to be honest I received it around Easter time,'s now that we are getting around to reviewing it as well as blogging about it! But really do we only have to teach about Jesus' gift during one time of year? Of course NOT!!

 The Story of Easter, Retold By Gwen Ellis

I acquired this book from Book Sneeze absolutely free to review with my kids as well as my Sunday School class. It's been tried out on kids ages 1-6, quite a wide variety of ages and understanding!

Because the book was broken into events of Passover to the Ascension, I chose to read sections through out the week to the kids and include an easy craft that coordinated with each section. This book was easy to read and understand for all ages, the illustrations were bright and wonderfully drawn, enjoyed by the kids. It delicately handled the death and resurrection of Jesus without watering down the message or changing it. It also included Biblical references that you could use to further the study of each section, especially helpful with older children!

The book also came with a 15 minute DVD that covered the same sections as the book and then extended it's coverage all the way up to the Pentecost and beyond! It was an excellent addition to the book and we used it as a completion of what we learned, sort of as a review of all we had covered throughout the week. The kids really enjoyed this set, and since they've referenced both the book and DVD since we've read it! Definitely worth they buy!

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