Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lapbooking Mania

So I wanted to share a little more about what we are doing this school year for Gracia...and they are centered around LAPBOOKS! I am just loving this idea the more I find and make them! I've made 4 of them now...and printed off enough materials for a few more! Here are some photos of one of them to give you an idea of what it looks like::
     On the Farm
This is the cover, a regular file folder opened, and re-folded so the opening is in the center.
 Activity pockets are attatched on either side of  the file folder, and filled with various activities!

This particular folder had a lot included! I didn't add anything to it! Everything tucks away neatly into it's own pockets!

Activities like sequencing, matching, coloring, puzzles and more!

Because I LOVE my laminator so much I even laminated the coloring sheets! You can have your child color on the laminated sheets with dry erase markers OR.....
Cool huh? Found em at Toys R Us but I'm sure you can find them else where! They even come with a little eraser mit! So I have those stashed away for Gracia to try out!

I've tried this lapbook out with Gracia and here is what I can tell you to help you along the road:

  • For her age (she JUST turned 2) you'll have to do a lot of working along side her. As she gets a little older she'll be able to do the activities on her own.
  • Laminate EVERYTHING! Little hands are NOT gentle with the parts to the lapbook!
  • Break down the activities into smaller activities. For instance, for with the head and tails matching I would have 1 head and give her a choice of 3 tails to choose from, too many options seemed to overwhelm her.
  • Some of the activities have a lot of cards that go with them, it gives you a bit more room to use a larger envelope for the holder and past the title on the envelope. That way the lamination doesn't pull away from the file folder::

 This folder has 2 alphabet pockets with 26 letter each, that makes for a lot of cards for one little pocket!

I found great bold colored business sized envelopes at Office Max, sealed them, cut the end off and glued it open side up to the file folder, then when you laminate over it, take sharp scissors or a razor blade and gently  cut the lamination right about the envelope to make it a pocket!
  • I would also Book rings (found at Office Max) to keep the letter and color books together. I've seen some lapbooks with them staples but, being a Mom of 4 kids and knowing that ALL 4 are going to want to flip through these, I think the rings will make them more user friendly for a longer time!

  • Use your older kids to "teach" the younger! Within each school day I have time set aside for each child to work (or play!) together. It's a time they really look forward to as a treat! Using a lap book with an older child would be a great way to reinforce what the older child knows already as well as create a bond with the younger!
  • Don't forget those older kids! They love lap books and file folder games as well and Homeschool Share has lapbooks for ALL ages! You can look on their Scope and Sequence for science, phonics, history (anything!!) and surprise them with a lapbook all of their own!
  • Using your publisher program (or windows) you can spend some time and make your OWN lapbook! I've got a few in my head floating around that if I get around to them I'll be glad to share the pdf's for!
So get started on those lapbooks! They are very easy to make if you can print, cut and glue you are on your way!


  1. I love this, Tia! Can you share where you found this particular one? I am trying to gather a few activities together for Scotty for this fall. (How is it that our "babies" are old enough for stuff like this??!!)

  2. Tiffany:: here is the link! Both of these lapbooks are from this site, it's GREAT!!!

    PS...I'm getting around to emailing you back promise!

  3. Lapbooks are so much fun! I wish I could say that I've used them like I wanted to, but I haven't...maybe now that ALL my girls will be at the school table we shall try yet again... My favorite one so far has been on bee's. You can print the entire book for free with all the projects for a lapbook in it.

    TheBestThings (xanga)



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